Show love to everyone Essay

Well, I am not here to judge anyone, but it's very important to say things just the way they are without trying to please anyone. Something happened to my younger cousins when we were growing up. There was this evening gathering for young Anglican youths called Anglican Children Ministry (ACM) The motto of this fellowship was "Catch Them Young For Christ" coming from a Christian home, my mum made sure we attended every evening just to hear the word of God. During the festive period, they usually organize shows like drama, football, and debate based on Bible teachings. So, every year end, we were asked to indicate interest in any of the activities. My Uncle from my maternal side was the Secretary of this fellowship so his kids were fully active. When it was time for the usual festive activities, one of my cousins indicated interest with the drama group and everything was moving on fine. Suddenly, we had a visitor from the Headquarters, he came to visit and watch us rehearse for the D-day, but something very funny happened.

Now, there was this family that newly moved to my area. I don't know much about them, but I guessed they were cool but they always seemed to disregard everyone else. They made us feel, we were "The Sinners" maybe because they were older and more experienced. Everyone avoided them like plagues, nobody wanted to be badmouthed by them. One fateful day, the man from the HQ was seated, waiting for the drama group, then one of the girls picked up the mic. She asked for permission to speak which was given to her. She boldly told the visitor to cut off my cousins that they were sinners so shouldn't be allowed to mingle with "Believers". According to her, her mum told them not to feature in that playlet because we were all sinners. Everyone was dumbfounded including our August visitor. Inasmuch as we were still very young, but it got to me and my cousins. I wasn't mad because it happened to my relatives. I was angry because they called every one of us sinners even when we barely knew what it means to be labeled such.

When we got home, we told my mum everything that had happened, She only smiled and said "Only God can label you a sinner. So, don't let this get to you OK?" Well, I decided to ditch the fellowship for some time but continued after a few days. This only happened in the past, but I saw something on IG yesterday then the memories flashed through my brains. As I write this, I just realized those kids were probably innocent. They were just brainwashed by their mum who thought they can treat people like garbage and worship God at the same time, but it doesn't work that way.

I believe this Bible passage is self-explanatory. It doesn't make sense to claim to love God yet you treat everyone else as sinners. I've seen believers that treat other people like garbage and worship God at the same time. They treat others badly just because they are from other faith. They believe people who are not Christians don't deserve to be loved, and I have also seen Christians who feel those believers who don't attend the same church with them are sinners and this totally beats my imagination. The question is, who are we to treat others like garbage all in the name of religion? Well, I don't know much about other religions, but one thing is certain. There is no religion in the world that doesn't preach LOVE.

God is love, and when Christ was on earth, He also demonstrated love to its fullest. The Bibles says God gave His only Begotten Son out of love to die for the sins of others. And by so doing, whosoever that believes in Him will not perish. Christ didn't die for selected few. He died for everyone who's ready to accept Him not minding who they are and all the things they have done in the past.

If God in all His Holiness, all His faithfulness, all His Purity did not condemn anyone why then do we condemn others and treat them so differently despite the fact, we are all sinners before God? Obviously, no one can serve two masters at a time. You can't serve God which is LOVE, then turn around to share HATE which is totally opposite of whom we claim to love and serve.

This is just a wake-up call to everyone and not just Christians. There is so much hate in the land right now. People say hurtful things to others without blinking. Nobody cares what anyone is passing through which is a wrong approach to the things of God. God wants to love everyone equally irrespective of their race, height, and status. And let's not forget that only love can make anyone try to be better for others. When we show hate to those around us, it complicates a lot of things, but showing love to those around us makes things easier. It feels so good to be loved by someone irrespective of their belief. It is not in our place to "HATE" for God. I am very sure that responsibility wasn't assigned to anyone.

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