Should school security guards have fire arms Essay

School security guards must not be armed because they are a danger to students and others in the vicinity. There are always accidents involving misfiring a firearm and people not qualified for a weapon which could take someones life in seconds. With guards at schools armed it would increase the amount of danger than there already is in the world knowing what's going on with mass shootings.

There are so many tragic school shootings all around the world. It's very concerning that this was a thought. This just is absurd because you're bringing the danger towards the school. Well anyway, they should not have them because it is danger to students walking place to place as well as teachers with armed guards around. I would think i'm in jail rather than school, it would make people uncomfortable, don't you think. You never know what is happening in someone's life that gives them the anger to cause school shootings or thoughts to hurt someone when they get the opportunity. There should be armed and authorized police officers with clear background historys and no criminal charges while the firearm is kept away unless there is an event where it is required. Here, let me give you all the info you need to know that will show it is a bad idea. I want you to think really deeply about a guard with a gun that terrifies me and i would be scared to go to school knowing there is guaranteed a person with a gun knowing they don't know how to entirely use it. I mean take the tragedy of parkland douglas high school killing 17 and injuring many others while an armed security guards was on campus in uniform but did not engage costing lives and parents their kids. One of the few security guards at schools given the privilege to have a firearm to protect and serve the high school for its safety of its students and teachers just let us down",he let parents down",students down",and most of all he let himself down. It's supposed to make you feel safe knowing there's a guard with a gun who is supposed to protect you and that seemed to be the case here. Here is a quote from the police sheriff in parkland, florida."was absolutely on campus through this entire event. He was armed, he was in uniform"," Israel said. You are probably thinking well he was scared he could of died. That is 100% true but if you think about it he was scared to do his own job that was his choice to do. His irresponsibility cost lives. But he is not the only reason, just 1 other reason is that there really not qualified for a gun. He was also rather much unprepared for the event. This is not the only time an event like this took place.

For instance take December 13",2013 where an armed 18 year old came in to a school with a machete",125 rounds of ammunition",and a shotgun while an armed guard was at the school not engaging causing a student to get shot in the head, dying a week later. This show they are not capable to handle a gun. We can't just let innocent lives die like this.Think of the families who lost their kids and what they're going through. Did you also know that a gun can misfire any second at any time hitting a student or employe badly injuring and probably killing. 1 little mistake can cost a live in a matter of seconds. The NRA(National Rifle Association) has recommended that there is armed guards at every school to prevent these events. Well they put 1 armed guard at parkland and that ended up as one of the deadliest school shootings in the USA. Donald Trump said that teachers should be armed and will have full background check. You need to think realistically and what the negatives are other then Two authorized employees with guns at separate schools mis-fired in one day. One of them was a school resource officer and former police officer in virginia accidentally mis-charged his firearm inside george washington middle school in session. In a separate incident in virginia dennis alexander's gun misfired at about 1pm while he was teaching about gun safety then shot at the roof by mistake injuring nobody besides 17 year old boy when the bullet fragments hit his neck. No One realized until he got home then his parents saw blood on his shirt and a bullet fragment on his neck. No matter if you have a clear background check this shows that it doesn't matter. It is still just as much of a danger. On Jan",8",2019 an unloaded gun was found on the bathroom counter of a babylon highschool from one of the security guards who was later fired after the innocent. Now that really concerns me and it should concern you.

In conclusion to my essay there is one thing here that is fairly obvious. Make sure the people who shouldn't have guns don't.There must not be armed guards at schools. Don't let the next generation die before it lived.

By, Tyler Agulnick

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