Short Essay on Stress Management

Stress is a complex sensation plus the term was first utilized by medical researcher Selye (1984) to explain body’s biological reaction mechanisms.

Selye defined anxiety since the non-specific response associated with the; body to virtually any demand.


Stress is a person’s adaptive response to a stimulus that places extortionate psychological demands on see your face.

All responses need using power. Any need made regarding human body for an all natural, anticipated and routine task cannot create stress frequently. Stress also will not necessarily happen considering undesirable occurrences.

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However, if a situation calls for adaptation to new circumstances therefore producing an elevated need on a vital task, it would likely produce anxiety in the shape of a stereotyped pattern of bio-chemical, functional and structural alterations in the human being system.

These scenarios could possibly be fear, discomfort, anger, fatigue, psychological arousal humiliation, frustration, lack of concentration, non-occurrence of an expected occasion, occurrence of an urgent occasion, death/separation of someone you care about and unexpected success which require a change within the operational design.


To phrase it differently, stress is a state of brain showing particular biochemical reactions in the human body and it is projected by a sense of anxiety, stress and depression and it is due to such needs of ecological forces or internal forces that may not be satisfied by the resources open to the person.

The magnitude of anxiety is dependent upon environmentally friendly forces or an individual’s operational style. Such environmental activities, conditions, circumstances or stimuli that creates stress are called “stressors”. These stressors might be real or emotional.

The needs that a stressor places on someone should be excessive for stress that occurs. However, what is extortionate for one person are definitely tolerable for another person.

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