Short Essay on Life of a Farmer -

Introduction: The farmer the most of use folks of because the start of civilization. Most of us rely upon agriculture to satisfy our requirement of meals. We get our meals since the farmer grows crops and carries the agricultural activities. Though, they feed the whole mankind, their life conditions are not even close to satisfactory.

Tough life: The life of a farmer is very tough. He works very difficult night and day in all seasons. During summer, he works underneath the heat of the sunlight. During winter season, he gets damp while ploughing the field. During cold weather, he carries on their work notwithstanding the dull and winter.

Influenced by nature: the life span of a farmer is significantly dependent upon forces of nature. For farming, sufficient monsoon is needed. In the event that rainfall is sufficient, the agricultural output will be good.

However, inadequate rainfall and long-spell of scarcity of water may result into drought situation. Consequently, agriculture may get negative affected and there might be severe shortage of food causing famines.

Economic factors: The farmer earns money by offering his crops. He stays delighted if the plants are good. But, in the event that crops fail, then their life becomes miserable.

A farmer suffers even in the event there's irregular escalation in production homogeneously anyway places. In such instances, the price tag associated with the crops falls and also the excess crops get wasted.

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Literacy: Most of the farmers of our nation are illiterate. They can’t read or write. Being that they are perhaps not educated, these are typically unacquainted with their legitimate rights. They are generally cheated by money-lenders.

Bad Hygiene and Sanitation: they've little training and understanding in regards to the benefits of maintaining a great hygienic environment.

  • Most farmers haven't any knowledge of the fact that consuming impure water can result in health issues.
  • Also, there clearly was inadequate sewage disposal system inside our villages.
  • There is significantly less than sufficient medical facilities or trained nurses and physicians in rural areas.

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Conclusion: Most of the farmers are simple, hard-working, honest and truthful individuals. They constantly remain subject to nature and God.

The Government has introduced several schemes the good thing about the farmers. Let’s hope why these benefits will actually achieve the farmers.

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