"Sherlock Holmes" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In London, on charges of lesson in black magic and murder of five women are arrested by Lord Blackwood. His sentenced to death, and the punishment is carried out in a short time. The next morning, Holmes calls an old friend with a request to find a missing person - dwarf conduct important experiments in the field of chemistry. Dwarf can not find. However, in a completely unexpected place - dead, he lay in a coffin, where he was resting, Lord Blackwood. Of Blackwood in the coffin was not ... And now to find Holmes and Blackwood's time to stop it, before it is too late. At the same time it will be held and a fleeting meeting with Holmes, Professor Moriarty, who was to become a detective for the number one enemy.
Filmed in steampunk style, and just want to note that it is not is adaptation of short stories and novels by Sir Arthur C. Doyle. As a basis are taken only heroes, plus picture repeatedly encountered references to individual works, but the film itself is a fantasy of Guy Ritchie. But it is not worth much upset: the main features of the characters, their character and habits as a whole do not differ much from the classical imagery. The only radical change, perhaps, is that the characters rejuvenated and made more athletic. And now I would like to talk separately about each of them.
Sherlock Holmes. A man 35 years old, athletic build, ungroomed appearance with strongly developed deductive skills, making it the storm of the underworld. It seems that this man, nothing is impossible, and each puzzle clue it exists. However, he always keeps a straight face and rarely openly express their emotions. It may even seem that his heart is made of stone and completely transcends any feelings. However, this is not the case, as can be seen in the example of relations with Dr. Watson and Irene Adler. It is clearly visible how much Holmes worrying about impending breakup with her boyfriend and how he tries to sabotage his relationship with his fiancée. And it is necessary to give due, he sabotages their very beautiful and at times not without humor. I especially liked the scene at dinner 'Royal', when Holmes first met personally with the one that soon was to take away (yes, yes, take away) our hero of his friend. It is clear that Holmes hurt and that he dislikes chat with the young lady, but he was in a fist all his courage and kept a gentleman ... how forces lack.
Robert Downey Jr. I think actor perfectly coped with its task - successfully embodied the classical image of Sherlock Holmes, the seasoned it a pinch of modernity. Holmes looked fresh and energetic, charismatic hero, do not take your eyes off him. Although for me the best is still Vasily Livanov, I can not admit to liking and Robert Downey Jr., In which I literally fell in love after this film.
John Watson. Man 35 years old, doctor, visited India and Afghanistan, where he received a wound in the leg; assistant and faithful friend of Sherlock Holmes. Despite its minor role, we can not underestimate the value of Dr. Watson in the Holmes' life. It can be considered a kind of stabilizer energetic and eccentric nature of Holmes, as well as sort of the epitome of common sense, because the famous detective is often observed tendency to totally irrational, not to say crazy things. Watson besieging his friend and prevents possible problems. And if they still occur, it is always there to lend a shoulder.
Jude Law. For her performance the actor deserved four-plus. Although to our Solomin it oh, so far away, Lowe tried, and it is bad happened. Four-plus.
Irene Adler. A woman 30-35 years old, smart, self-confident. She knows what he wants and gets what they want. Always. Even if it means it will have to resort to illegal methods. By and large, it is only to them and resorted. And it is unlikely in her life, there is one thing that earned an honest living. Irene Adler - the criminal, and the criminal of the major league. No one has yet been able to catch her, even Holmes (she is the only one who managed to escape from it). In the stories of Sir Doyle's Irene Adler appears only once - in the story "A Scandal in Bohemia." Then Holmes gets her portrait, which can be seen in the movie. Strictly speaking, this portrait and a letter Irene - the only thing that can give at least some idea of ​​this 'ephemeral' woman. Nevertheless, Guy Ritchie went on and developed the theme of the relationship of Holmes and Adler, filling them with romance and tragedy. And it's true, what is not a tragedy: a detective and a criminal, in love with each other; they could be together, and it is clear that both want it, you can see how strong their feelings, but ... it is because of love Holmes and Adler can not be together, because it is the only way to protect each other. That's really really bad joke.
Rachel McAdams. As I said about Irene Adler from the stories of Sir Arthur C. Doyle knows very little, while it is not the last place in the storyline film. Therefore, the actress was literally out of nothing itself create an image of Irene Adler - the cold-blooded criminals number one (apart from Moriarty), but not all women, not devoid of feelings. Quite a challenge, and it seems to me, Rachel McAdams coped with it perfectly. Her character is confident it is dangerous, but also gentle and feminine. In truth, beyond praise!
Here, perhaps, the three main characters of this film. The rest, though minor, but also adequately fulfilled their role and commendable.
Regarding the plot, I can say that I find it interesting, exciting and entertaining. Although defects are present, they are associated mainly with temporary inaccuracies events. Thus, for example, a wedding and Mary Watson, A. Doyle the stories occur much later dating Holmes Moriarty. And Holmes himself at the time of the events described in the film at all officially listed as among the 'dead' (after the final battle with the professor). But I think these nuances should not be considered a serious miscalculation, because as I recall, 'Sherlock Holmes' is not an adaptation of, but only a fantasy of the detective.
film looks dynamic, lively and rich, while executed pastiche of the Victorian era England. Simply put, pleasing to the eye - at least mine - the picture and the atmosphere, which are supported and music that creates an additional sense of time. According to his own subjects and specifics, 'Sherlock Holmes' is somewhat similar to the paintings 'The Three Musketeers' or 'From Hell'.
Here, perhaps, and all.
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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