"Sherlock Holmes" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Of course, this film enough opponents' main argument is that - 'this is not the Holmes!'. Of course, in the stories of Conan Doyle and stunning screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes Maslennikov other. But I have such a discrepancy did not produce any effect. Given that Holmes - one of the most popular characters in world literature and was transferred to the screens countless times anyone and always different, there is no way and no film adaptation - intentional or not - this image has not hurt. Sherlock filmed and horror, and comedy and parody and melodrama, and detectives and thrillers, musicals, and I am sure, even porn. So I began to watch the new 'Sherlock Holmes' Guy Ritchie masterovitogo whose 'Snatch' I just love, without any prejudice.
capture immediately. From the first musical notes. From the first frame. Capture and hold the finals. As soon as I saw Robert Downey Jr. In this way, I have not raised the issue - or not to accept it Holmes - Holmes chertyaka! Not such as Lebanon, or Michael Caine, but just as good. Just another.
Holmes screens do not leave any one year. In any country, each year something always removed about the legendary detective. The hero is so diverse that it is possible to shoot about anything and in any style. And Conan Doyle ... He's actually not very fond of his alter-ego, because he spoiled his great creativity, making of him a great writer, novelist. So that the spirit of the late Sir Arthur except scornfully snorted, knowing that in Hollywood they have devised a new scale film about Holmes with a huge budget and big stars. It is clear that in the age of the blockbuster and the universal turmoil peaceful gatherings by the fireplace with the ramshackle Victorian England, for windows, smelly beggars and sterile cleanliness of the room Holmes (remember even a speck of dust in apartments 'our' Holmes!) Is hardly attracted to the screen a lot of viewers. Who needs another hero, and other subjects. Especially for gentle PG-13 rating. People love-sluts heroes with persistent stubble on their faces, eccentric, as it is fashionable to say, behavior, strong fists, love for antisocial behavior. Of course, seeking to project a big star out of just such characters better than Robert Downey Jr. find could not. Especially since he has suddenly become the star of the cash after the 'Iron Man'. Actor immensely talented, charismatic, what is important - the cash register, and, of course, can easily draw any blunders director or writers. Born distinctive character.
It has become fashionable good neblokbasternyh directors to engage for blockbusters. They daubed their skill shortcomings studio and they have a style, a sense of rhythm, taste. Richie, at least, there is excellent. Unlike many 'court' Moneymaker-directors, which remove expensive cheapness. And what a blockbuster without special effects? If only a good director limited sometimes too violent fantasies masters effects and did not allow the film to turn into a mess of these. In short, we did everything right in the studio - and even released the film at Christmas! Smart calculation, good publicity, coupled with the talents of the persons involved in the project - and the result - a wonderful, but they are not less attractive almost Christmas mystery of the salvation of the world
With a plot treated famously, but rightly so.. In fact, this is not no 'Sherlock Holmes', and just a popular, highly Americanized English brand, pasted on a typical buddy film, devoid of any frills, simple but nice. This does not in any way a detective - story is banal, anticipating and contains virtually no intrigue, but a logical thread repeatedly sacrificed to the action, so exciting, that follow the dotted intrigue has neither the time nor the inclination
course in. this movie set of stamps - from the plot twists, to not kill thugs with whom they fight, they fight, but not vyderutsya - when viewed from where anything can tisnut, but work dies feast for the eyes - give lightness to this already uncomplicated stories, deprive it of ishney thoughtfulness, intensity, give it a patina komiksovoy cinema thoroughbred entertainment than, in general, and should be a film with a budget of 90 million. $.
plot to conquer the world, demonic villain who is not so demonic steep-companions heroes, beautiful girl ... in fact militant 'rush Hour', or any of you tucked Hollywood boevichkov about teammates, charming in their innocent mediocrity. This film is the same. Guy Ritchie wisely, without turning it into a sharp banter, but without making it a set of disjointed spectacular scenes. There is a great drive, there are wonderful actors, stylish and very tastefully done decoration of the film, the soundtrack, which became his real decoration, do not carry a lot of sense, but reasonable and interesting action heroes, thick atmosphere - if not Victorian England, but of a different kind - rather similar to the Gothic tales and Burton's wife, amazing, airy lightness in the supply of material, much irony as ossified protagonist and the viewer, which can all take seriously. And there is organic, which allows all of this to look a single entity, and sometimes appear even original. And as a result - a playful, easy, funny and undemanding movie, perfect entertainment, which you want to watch and review
Robert Downey Jr... He was charming in the role of the restless eccentric, boring, an egotist and harmful genius of Holmes. This Holmes - a man of action, and although Richie tries to follow his thoughts through flashbacks and flashforwards, but in fact Holmes's head remains a mystery to us. She and Holmes mystery. Baska this Holmes hammered by so many all kinds of necessary and required information that can not be compared even the Thames with her littered, and the hero is often unable to understand why he does this or that. Very funny and cute character
turned Jude Law was perfect in the role of the English gentleman Dr. Watson -. Man with manners, but as 'the dog will eventually become like their masters' and Watson, this is already a considerable pleasure in solving any dangerous Affairs.
This film is not serious, simple and honest. This Christmas blockbuster, shot with great taste and conquered many people. Perfectly imperfect heroes fighting the perfect villain and give him a kick in a series of planned chance. A kind and a very good mix 'Vidocq' with 'Shanghai Knights' weak on plot and intrigue, thoughtless, but presents a fascinating evening show. It seems to me, not too far from the original 'Sherlock Holmes', which was conceived as an evening reading, and nothing more. 'Sherlock Holmes' justifiably compared with kinokomiks. According to the internal structure of it is kinokomiks. Or a buddy film. But the one and the other does not prevent it from being truly great film.
9 out of 10

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