"Sherlock Holmes" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

You've probably all watched movies like "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Snatch" or "RocknRolla" - criminal picture in the comedy wrapper from the cult film director Guy Ritchie. Removing the new film, using as a foundation the famous story about the detective Sherlock Holmes and his non-replaceable companion and above all friend Dr. Watson, the director walked away a little from the usual genre. At this time, showing a completely new interpretation of the famous novel and of course adding a compelling script
film -. His script. In recent years, the entire film industry has moved to large-scale entertainment and movies, full of computer graphics and executed in 3D. In most cases, these films are not what any traffic load, in other words, just do not give food for thought. You simply disable the brain to relax and enjoy the picture quality. Yes, and it is not bad in this digital age, but only under one condition, that the films are absolutely opposed to these should appear as often as not be an exception in the bank moviegoers. But on the other hand, maybe it's for the better - in small quantities, but qualitatively cobbled together. So, the film "Sherlock Holmes" in 2009, in my opinion, just gets in the exclusion list. Undoubtedly, in the film, too, there are special effects, etc., but they only emphasize its advantages, but do not overload.
Let's start with the plot.
So London XIX century. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have again poraskinut brains. Murder. New puzzles. A new enemy. . The new investigation Tangled game started, and what would be in it a winner, not a loser to our old friend will have to hide in the hole ace: sharp and precise intelligence, coupled with the stunning physical training. Who will be the winner? Three words: intriguing, daring, exciting, and this story is good
logical, clear, well thought-out and excellent production - these are the qualities that we are accustomed to observe in Guy Ritchie's films.. And this time the changes are not expected
Actors -. The next step, which should not cross the stumbling. Let us recall our - Russian adaptation of Sherlock, which brilliantly played by two great actors - Vasily Livanov as Holmes and of course, Vitali Solomin, who plays Watson. It is their game not only made us impatient to sit at the TV screens in anticipation of the new series, which tells about the so loved us heroes and memorable adventures, but for a long time to release this little space in his slaughtered nonsense "loft».
Now, most are trying to compare and identify the best adaptations of the adventures of the detective and his faithful friend. Saying that our Holmes nobody jumps. Yes, probably, this is the case, yet these films are totally different to compare them would be totally inappropriate. Each of the directors, Igor Maslennikov, and Guy Ritchie added a picture of something different, something that is so etched in my memory, is exactly what we are so loved. Both paintings in their own good, that it is impossible to deny.
So, speaking about the actors. In the foreign version of it was: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong.. Sherlock Holmes, d. Watson, Irene Adler and Lord Blackwood, respectively.
Irene Adler . It portrayed the actress Rachel McAdams, subtly conveys all the feelings, emotions, and of course the nature sly cheats. Finally, this character appeared before us in all its glory, but not only referring to appearance, although she is very beautiful, but also the very nature of it. Crook, she is cunning, clever and if you need obvedet around your finger, you do not even notice. But you know, we all have our weaknesses, and the weaknesses of this woman was ...
Mark Strong played the role of villain. Lord Blackwood defies the usual life of London, turning it upside down. Ideal woven web envelops the entire city, absorbing it into the dark mysteries. Not so easy to be his rival. The work of the actor is accurate and thought-out, vzhivshis in the role, Mark was able to show us a pretty interesting game, which not only captures and carries away, but in some places and surprised at how well he holds his trade
satellite Sherlock -. doctor Watson, which in turn played a Jude Law . Of course, the actor had some good roles, but this probably stands out among all. Such Watson you have not seen! Assertive, bold and strong. All these features derive so loved us to a whole new hero, had not yet seen the level.
Finally, the main character, namely m. Sherlock Holmes . Agree, the case is complicated - take up incarnation all so beloved hero, but, in my view, Robert Downey Jr., who undertook the role and performed it, did a great job with his simple task, jumping all barriers. The impression is that the actor is not just played out its role and lived this small segment, like a slice of life.
Innovation movie.
Yes, there are many. The director has departed from the usual for us the scenario, showing a completely new course of events. But the worst movie of it did not; the foundation became a hero, a place of action and some aspects that it has entered Arthur C. Doyle, on the writers' imagination knew no bounds. Just this was the highlight of the film. Though the script is new and unusual, you see, the support he is strong enough: all logical accurately and consistently, and most importantly, very interesting, what will happen next ...
But a pinch of pepper became just the relationship between Holmes and Watson. This we have not seen, but the more interesting. We were rather familiar warm friendship between Livanov and Solomin, and a new discovery probably will first surprise, but more enjoyable, because friendship, as such, has remained in the same place, it is only seasoned corporate English humor. The main characters constantly make fun of each other, creating memorable moments for us, but their relationship and mutual strong as ever.
Yes, this we have not seen. Strengthen your mind.
perfect complement film began fighting scenes. We all know that the great Sherlock boxed, but now his ability, underlined deduction, increased at times. Also, these scenes add glamor shots, performed in slow motion.
also nice presence voiceover Sherlock Holmes. His deductive powers perfectly reflected in the thoughts themselves
Bottom line:. Excellent picture, executed in the best traditions of Guy Ritchie, takes us into the veil of darkness covered the city of London. Excellent transferred dye and the atmosphere of the scene. Bes doubt great actors have embodied book characters, adding to them a little pepper on top of innovation and a great sense of humor and action. The plot, as I have already said, an intriguing, daring and exciting. operator work only emphasizes all the above advantages.

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