"Sherlock Holmes" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Hello! :-) Today I tell you about my favorite film, which is called the 'Sherlock Holmes', which was released in 2009, which took director Guy Ritchie (my favorite director). Because of this movie, I even decided to check on my favorite website kinopoisk. ru and write the film a 67th review . And now the time has come, I wrote 66 reviews and it's time to talk about this film.
'My mind rebels against the lack of work. Stagnation is fatal. ' (C)
the first time to see the movie I was able to 1 January 2010, because I have such a tradition - going to the movies in the morning on January 1st. When I saw the trailer, I did not know it was a good movie and thought it was some sort of nonsense. Then I did not pay attention to any name of my favorite director Guy Ritchie, or in the names of my favorite actors - Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and William Houston . The fact is that I really like the Soviet version of the adventures of my favorite writer Arthur Conan Doyle, which is shown on TV, sometimes on the 5-Channel, sometimes on TV-3, sometimes on the 'Culture', so I could not think that there may be some more. But when I watched this film, I realized that the other versions are still possible and to After 23 minutes I realized that this is my favorite movie, even stopped eating popcorn.
way, next year I looked on January 1, 'The Nutcracker' and I did not like. But in 2012 came the second part of the 'Sherlock Holmes', and she liked me too much! While the first part better, it I put the 10 of 10, and the second - only the 8 of 10, but in terms of the word 8 of 10 - which means perfect . = All the same Guy Ritchie -! He's my favorite director
'head Zadran left - partial deafness in his right ear - the first place to hit. The second - the throat. Paralyze the vocal cords - stop screaming. Third - perhaps he drinks a lot - a blow to the liver. And the fourth - dragging his left leg - in the kneecap. Prediction - wakes up in ninety seconds. Be able to fight, at best, a quarter of an hour. ... Full recovery is unlikely. ' (C)
Okay, perhaps should go to the in-depth analysis, I also love to do.
Plot of the movie is very fun, < b> confused and original, it is not a screen. Rather film adaptation, but on the Conan Doyle here only the names of the characters and some of the phrases that I immediately raised the your favorite quotes and constantly use on friends who affected my intellect, which is really high, I measured ICQ on the two programs on the computer, so that's one I had a coefficient is 304, and the other at all 687 . But stop me somewhere skidded, I analyze film, and do not show off your ICQ to, there is nothing worse than show off in the reviews, will never lzya overshadow the film. I also do not like the texts buzzwords like 'postmodernism' and 'quasi', they also sound ugly, plus you can also always easier to say, it is not necessary to force the reader to climb into the Google, so I never use by Google, I love Yandex .
'Account at the shooting range, - Watson enters the room Holmes' (c)
first they said that the film is made by comic, but then began to say that on the contrary, it's just first talked about comics specifically. In general, I do not really understand the story of the history of the film, but it certainly was also very interesting and exciting
So subject :. The greatest in the history of the detective Sherlock Holmes, along with his faithful companion Watson come in battle that requires real hard physical and mental training, because their enemy is a threat to the whole of London. Plot captures once and did not let go until the very end . Very interesting Detective, isolation is will make the brain ! In the film, there is still good humor, the characters very funny sometimes talking, quotes, which I prudently copied, you can read between paragraphs my intelligence .
Actor's work in the film are smart ! I remember my favorite actors Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and William Houston, and Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong (he was still playing in the wonderful, but this favorite as the Guy Ritchie director Danny Boyle ( ' Millionaire suburb' ) in the film 'Sunshine' as a madman charred guy who runs the ship and kill everyone, but ... but no, I will not spoil, interesting movie, look), Robert Maylett, Geraldine James, Kelly Reilly and Hans Matheson .
Just very, very like EPs Ucka of the protagonist played by Vladimir Zaitsev (the namesake Russian sniper Vasily Zaitsev, which once played Jude Law . I sometimes think that everything in this world is no coincidence that there is some kind of conspiracy, not only know it is dangerous or not. If you psychic, magician or John Constantine - write to me in private messages, please, I want to know the answer to this question, I also can be useful in the battle against evil, half went as a child to judo .)
'Watson: In the evening you are free
Holmes. absolutely
Watson: Dinner
Holmes: Chu . ECHO
Watson: The "Royal»
Holmes:. My favorite
Watson: Mary comes
Holmes. I can not ' (a)
I like that! I liked this movie, I even bought it on the DVD . True, DVD has been of poor quality, there is sometimes climbs some inscriptions on half of the screen, but I bought another DVD and it was good, I'm every week watching a movie on this disc
Total:. my favorite movie, which will be interesting to see the fans a good detective, humor, John Constantine and those who want to do my autobiography. If you belong to their number, immediately I do - buy a DVD. Not in any way do not download it because it is not good and because the film is necessary to bring the money in cash!
'Thank you for listening' (c) (c)
10 of 10
and, yes, damn, I forgot to say, but I really liked the music of my favorite composer Hans Zimmer (he also wrote the score the great films of my favorite almost to the same extent as the Guy Ritchie director Christopher Nolan ). I immediately remembered this music and now I sing it to my friends who are affected my musicality, which is really good, I have a child in addition to judo went to music school, I learned to play the violin, but when he learned that the violin is not taken in a rock band, She left with her and was just singing your favorite soundtracks like this (and I also like the soundtrack to the 'Hachiko', 'no Country for Old Men' and ' Dead daughters' ). However, stop, I will not show off, there is nothing worse than show off in the reviews.

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