"Sherlock Holmes" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After the release of their obscure gangster films Guy Ritchie takes on the adaptation of the classic detective of all time. And it needed a new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes - the hero, whose name is forever became as much a symbol of England, as the Tower of London and the queen? But Guy Ritchie guessing the interests of viewers, and artistically the film has something to boast about. The tape has stood out successful, thanks to the workshop of the tactics chosen by the director. Firstly, it's a genre of steampunk adventure, typical of Victorian England. I get movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean." Secondly, the choice for the lead role of Robert Downey Jr. after the strong success of "Iron Man" was just a win-win.
audience-fans of the book of Sherlock Holmes may feverishly going over in memory stories novels of Arthur Conan Doyle, but did not find genuine resemblance to According to the film. But even in the picture, and laid the foundations of the greatest works of detective Holmes, the plot is completely new. Thus, the plot of Sherlock Holmes is bored in her home in Baker Street, simultaneously experimenting on a home dog and drinking tea with Mrs. Hudson. And suddenly resurrected Lord Blackwood - killer recently caught by Sherlock. The offender begins to terrorize the city, setting up a staggering murder of a mystical nature. Of course, Sherlock Holmes enthusiastically accepted for investigation.
Nowadays detectives just become a commodity, a large part of which simulates and simplifies the classics and does not invent using improvisation something new. But the writers "Sherlock Holmes," so do not suffer from the ailment. The plot is interesting, concise, as if taken from some forgotten archive of Conan Doyle.
Soviet audiences accustomed to the film adaptation of Igor Maslennikov, who became the embodiment of the ideal of the original source of Sherlock Holmes. After all, at the sight of Basil Lebanon with a pipe in his mouth there is a pride for our country, for our cinema. But you can not say that Guy Ritchie neglected source material. He masterfully recreated with the help of the atmosphere, the costumes, the scenery, as well as by well-spelled character created genuine Sherlock Holmes.
Of course, the title of the most successful film adaptation belongs to the Soviet TV series. But "Sherlock Holmes," Guy Ritchie is not worse in terms of free interpretation, he just - different. This painting was inspired by the new fashion, imbued with new motives. So Holmes deductive method works not just in words but is clearly demonstrated in practice, including all kinds of flashbacks.
interesting here and focus on the little-known details of the biography of Sherlock. It turns out that the cult detective not only interested in boxing, but also have excellent skills in a variety of martial arts, not to mention the use of the cane in the battle, the whip (a la Indiana Jones) and a sword. While attentive audience, unfamiliar with the original, can speculate on the same Soviet version. In the film "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Mortal Combat" hero fights with Professor Moriarty by not only one mind, but also using the skills of martial arts. So it is worth wondering, with some really minor details "crawled" in "Sherlock Holmes" 2009 model year
So, the first task, namely to make intellectually -. Entertaining detective, not devoid of ethical value and complexity, the creators managed safely. Later in the course of entering the second trump card - the leading man. Robert Downey Junior, with his diligence proves that his Sherlock Holmes eminently lively character. He, like it should be, expertly wielding a tongue, mouthing sophistic and sarcastic remarks. His Sherlock Holmes elegant, creates the impression of genius, able to unleash the most complicated case. When investigating easily believe that this Sherlock meditates, when the hero of humor, the association with Tony Stark does not arise. In short, the burden of responsibility for this role fell on the shoulders of Robert Downey Jr., who embodied it as the director conceived. So normal in fact turned out to be a trump card trump ace.
Irene Adler, played by Rachel McAdams is treacherous temptress Sherlock Holmes. This Conan doylevskaya heroine clouds detective head like Cleopatra, hocus hypnotic vigilant Sherlock and binds him handcuffed to the bed. And the figure of the girl, which has become the personification of feminine wiles and cunning par with Cleopatra, the film is even in place. Jude Law and Doctor Watson - did not turn into an empty puppet Holmes. Colleague and fellow detective came very soundly both by nature and by acting game. And although the film a slightly different angle than that of our show, Watson Vitaly Solomin out of competition.
all-new anti-hero Blackwood (Mark Strong) is motivated by several other actions than ordinary crime. His plan to seize power very busy and seemed to be like without a single puncture. Ah, if it were not Sherlock Holmes, England would become a bastion of ritual sacrifice, overwhelming fear before the power of people, led by would stand above Lord Blackwood. People fear what they do not understand. Blackwood certainly knew what persecution took place on the witches in the Middle Ages, and they were afraid of any phenomenon, which seemed supernatural.
And to be honest, in my opinion, the fear in some measure raises the power of one person over another. After the crowds in a strong fright, become weak and vulnerable and panic. And geniuses like Sherlock Holmes, give the public the opportunity to develop, do not be afraid to improvise, to think globally and act locally. Without such figures of human progress and development of science is impossible as well as violin and music without touching the bow. And for good reason Holmes playing the violin at night: this music is perfectly develops intelligence
And the world would have gone up to you, because the fear - the most powerful weapon of all
What else is left to mark.? Music of Hans Zimmer's default is fine, and there still fascinates with its unusual sound. It is designed to "sound" the entire storm Holmes experiences chaos of his thoughts. Noteworthy interchange under construction on Tower Bridge. Tower of London and Sherlock Holmes - two important symbol of England met in one place. At the end there is some allegory: the criminals get what they deserve (England "rejected" murderers), and London Bridge remains unscathed, Sherlock survives (country saves his character, because he still needed it, he is part of its culture)
result.: Sherlock Holmes - a phenomenon which clearly shows how to be a real detective premium. And the strongest of his hand - life situations, the hero, exciting the investigating his deductive method. What wrote Arthur Conan Doyle is priceless. After all, the face of the Earth is constantly changing fashion tastes and are subject to change, as well as the people themselves. But Sherlock Holmes continued to film. So, people need this hero, it is for them the miracle of light that never ceases to amaze all the new generation. The movie is Guy Ritchie - a great adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, corresponding to the current preferences of the audience. And it is not necessary to be Holmes to figure out that this is a one of the best kinovoploscheny famous detective.

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