"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Sign of Four" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

By objective sensations, we have the least attractive in terms of audience interest, part of the cult Soviet series, at the time of its release in theaters. In many ways, of course, affects certain satiety, though loved, but the familiar attributes. Introducing the titular characters left far behind, as has already been passed experience inquiry into the killings, police charges the surface, make-up. To help asset established ideas comes longstanding mystery hidden values ​​
intriguing feature of this two-part project are two parallel, by the narrative style, story lines -. Two investigations combined Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. One reveals the secret hobbies Holmes, in the women's seductive guise. Quite an interesting interpretation of the fight against blackmail, but without revelation. Search Agra treasure actually is not as interesting as that might be expected to show. Entangled, at first glance, the plot leaves a lot of questions and uncertainties. Unfortunately, no significant travel, especially in India, is not expected, and narrative stories passed remotely
From the obvious advantages it is worth noting a pretty action-packed climax scene -. Which is only a walk along the Thames. Walk to the viewer, and an important link to the history link to the main characters and their opponents. After watching emerged a strong desire to get acquainted with the literary original and draw parallels. Part of positive emotions gives a small but cute bulldog named Tori - his appearance in the frame brings in a steady narrative of the expected recovery, especially in the routine examination of crime scene
7,5 10 .

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