"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Sign of Four" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To be honest, I did not expect that I would have liked this part. Ranking her lower than in previous installments, the story about the treasure my childhood I do not really like, but here ... the stars came together. I think that 'guilt' around the theme of love. So interesting to see the main characters in love. And if the love for Watson - it's family, it's comfort, it is fortunate that Sherlock - a luxury, because love - a feeling which prevents cold reason, but in his case it is unacceptable. In this series, I was very sorry to Sherlock, because whatever you say, seen it a sincere, deep feelings for Irene Adler . I would like him a huge family happiness, but alas ... People with a clear vocation, geniuses are seldom happy in my personal life, but on the other hand, they are happy in their own way, they are happy in what they do, so on that and let us .
As for the series, I was more like a piece dedicated to Irene Adler, but also the basic plot is also quite interesting. The investigation, as always, at height. And Watson has revealed in a new way. Solomin Bravo for the game! In my eyes, 'Treasure' in no way inferior to any recognized 'Hound of the Baskervilles', nor the rest of the previous series. On the contrary, in my opinion, this series stands out among others.
And yes, one last question on the Mrs Hudson made my heart tremble ... What remains to Sherlock, when he is alone again? But then I thought about it and realized that it remains love the people, because in England many people are grateful for his selfless assistance. Recall even kennel, which is borrowed in this part of dog Tori Sherlock. The very mention of the name of Sherlock makes him fulfill any request person who has come from him. And there are people in all the series we see a lot. And perhaps this is the price paid to Sherlock for what he is doing, this is what he remains ...
7,5 10

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