"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Sign of Four" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Yes, these are the feelings that evokes - the penultimate - the film, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
And sad for several reasons.. Firstly, because that does not leave a feeling of betrayal by Watson. And it is a feeling, a thought because it can not be named, because mind you know that he never promised to share with Holmes this fabulous apartment, did not give a vow of celibacy, and the like, but ... What the mind. And if you look at the situation from a different angle, you begin to think about the value of male friendship, that nothing but discord do not carry this woman's world (unless, of course, not to keep them at a distance, even admiring separate individuals), well and stuff like that. In general, to be sure, sorry. It was a great tandem
second reason for sadness -. From the point of view of the film is directly related to the first - the final intimacy. You see that a little more, and ... have to except to begin watching again, because to leave their favorite characters did not want
Finally, another reason for sadness or maybe rather have grievances -. Performer of female roles. In my view, such worthy men deserved a few more than they were asked to by the authors as a wife and 'this woman'. However, perhaps a matter of taste here.
As for the movie, then all is, as always, at height. Really liked the narrative scheme in the story - it has organically and appropriate. Once again I would like to mention B. Brondukova - it is inherently present in each episode, and everywhere was inimitable, but 'The Sign of Four' - especially memorable. Bravo! Excellent work
The only disadvantage that comes to mind -. A certain slowness in the details - the river, bridges, etc., and of a number of other episodes -. Miss Morstan, for example. Well, it's the little things, you see. The rest of the film is quite clearly deserves the same evaluation as all other of his predecessors:
10 of 10

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