"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Sign of Four" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Two-part penultimate film includes two stories. And combines them a women's issue. We meet here with the women who managed to conquer the cold heart of our Victorian gentlemen. That in itself is worthy of wonder.
Indeed, in the beginning of the film for a long time Watson and Holmes is jealous at length to the Irene Adler, and the pathos of his speech boils down to the fact that without women's life would have been much better, in any case, the life of Holmes. In response, Holmes with a straight face rants that women - second-class citizens, are completely useless, and rare exceptions only confirm the rule. It would seem that no danger - the guys sang in his misogyny. But then suddenly there is a client, and although Watson fyrchit carefully toward her, we know ...
hear from Holmes's such nonsense, of course, is not very nice, but against history will not trample - in Victorian England really thought so, not only Holmes.
Actually, the story of the treasure first is not very interesting. Here 'history in stories' about Irene Adler I liked much more. However, when Irene broken five minutes are shown in slow motion, it zhivopisuya admiration Holmes, it's annoying. I have realize, it marvelously beautiful, let's continue. And, again, he did not admire her appearance, and cunning, that she saw through it and beat. However, by the appearance of Irene I have no major complaints -. And the face and clothes quite
Casting Mary I did not like. This person is trusting lamb with the ever-open eyes and almost no chin ... could pick and sweeter. But Jonathan Small looks very instills a true treasure hunter, stern and defiant. Alas, I can not say the same about the 'savage' ... well, we did not find a Negro on this two-second role, if only to shoe polish painted the actor, the right word, funny look. Funny and Thaddeus, in which the nobility (in fact quite calmly could leave all the treasures themselves) combined with twitching and almost cowardice.
Well, the show is coming to an end. But still, in spite of the sad certainty Holmes, which, they say, 'we have a woman on the exchanged "his inconsistent one, in front of us waiting for another movie.

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