"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Sign of Four" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After a truly triumphant "Hound of the Baskervilles" "sherlockiana" took a two-year break, and it could happen that "dog ..." can never be the last series of the cycle. But as we know, fortunately, it did not happen, and in 1983 saw the light two-part painting, entitled "Treasures of Agra".
based on two short stories, "The Sign of Four" and "A Scandal in Bohemia", which have been successfully plot joined by director and screenwriter Maslennikov, history tells us many interesting things. The main feature of this series was the fact that it is, so to speak, takes place "under the sign of the woman." Thanks to "The Sign of Four" viewers will learn how to know how to love real gentlemen. If in the previous series, nor cold-blooded Holmes nor his faithful companion Dr. Watson special interest in the opposite sex did not show, there circumstances turn into a completely different side. The film begins instructive admonitions towards Watson Holmes about a fatal weakness holder cold and calculating mind as a sincere passion for a pretty fine lady. And our usual self-confident and slightly mocking Sherlock does not even try though somehow excuses and shrugs, listening to sermons your friend
History swirls around the mysteries of the missing treasures of four veterans of the Indian wars, one of which -. Father excited girl, who came to Baker Street for help to Sherlock Holmes, but unexpectedly for both gentlemen was so delighted by the presence there yet and Dr. Watson. "The Sign of Four" - perhaps the most eventful series "sherlockiana". Judge for yourself: the story that begins as a search for the missing treasure turns into an investigation of cruel and sophisticated the murder, and then did in a breathtaking chase on the waters of the Thames, all embellished long-standing mystery, the second storyline involving charmed himself Holmes Irene Adler and the events that led to the significant changes in the personal life of Dr. Watson. Looks this story, in spite of such a rich eventfulness integrally enough and I must say, with great interest
There is also such an integral element of films about the adventures of Holmes and Watson as "guest stars." - of course, their composition is not as sparkling as, say, the ensemble cast "Hound of the Baskervilles", but Ekaterina Zinchenko Viktor Proskurin, Sergei Shakur and Georgi Martirosyan also graced this great movie. Especially worth highlight Katerina Zinchenko as the future Mrs. Watson and Martirosyan, King of Bohemia. And, of course, not to mention a brief, but very showy role Larisa Solovyova, who played that same woman who captivated the heart of the great detective.
But the biggest surprise (in relation to Holmes, I would even say pig) planted quiet Dr. Watson, stunned all the news of their engagement. A kind of irony will conclude that it is Watson at the beginning of the whole story wrote a treatise about the negative impact of women in the work of the London detectives. But as they say, Lawless Heart ...
Praise the rest creative team, of course, possible and even necessary, but to say something new about their work difficult, and repeated once is not particularly desirable. Direction and screenplay Maslennikov, camera work and atmospheric music Wechsler Dashkevich - everything is in place and on the same high level of the previous series, as well as the main acting role Livanov and Solomin
As a result, we have another series of adventures of the London detective Sherlock Holmes removed. in the best traditions of the Soviet "sherlockiana" and doomed, as well, and the entire series of films on repeated revision.

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