"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Mortal Combat" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For the great detective to unravel petty crime - it's like seeds clicking. But sooner or later on the horizon appears the one with whom to fight will not seem such a fascinating hobby. And when the villain comes out of the shadows, the detective on the heels of the danger, to get rid of that does not help even a deduction.
director Igor Maslennikov has already entered into a rage, creating as many as three films about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. But it was the fourth time he has decided to show what is capable of, adapted for the screen one of the most dangerous cases of the famous detective - his battle with the evil genius Professor Moriarty
«-. Even if my life's path would break, I look at it with a sense of spiritual satisfaction. Thanks to me the air became cleaner
London -. I do not like your mood, Holmes. You have unraveled more than a thousand cases, and always optimistic helped you in your work. »
dig deeper in this time colleague of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, the clearer it becomes that get away with both of them are unlikely to succeed. And although the second deliberately ignoring the danger, hoping that this time Holmes was wrong about the hopelessness of the situation, at heart he is very afraid for the life of his friend. But the thing you need to bring to the end, even if the winning price will be much higher losses. It is felt that during the filming of Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin became good friends, because in the frame of the relationship of their characters are constantly tested by the danger, and each time their Holmes and Watson risking their lives for the sake of another. No matter how talented or was Livanov, Solomin made it a game so emotional finale, for which many thanks to him.
In this series of unfortunate housekeeper Holmes by Rina Green. Probably more of a mess than her guests left this time, Mrs. Hudson had never clean. Although the house is not burned, and thank you.
main villain of the story decides without delay to appear on stage and express themselves in a loud voice. Professor Moriarty, whose gloomy affairs accidentally shoves his curious nose Mr. Holmes, is the person for whom there are no borders in the crime. He always goes to the end and always confident of victory, even after meeting with the legendary detective. Victor Evgrafov actor tried to make the character in the same insane outside as inside. From his revenge-mad eyes immediately becomes uncomfortable.
In previous parts of Igor Maslennikov gradually preparing the viewer to a climax, which can be seen in this movie. While viewing can not help feeling that the tragedy could not be avoided. The gloomy atmosphere is always hanging over the protagonist, even in the sunniest day. And let that unfortunate, but so beautiful, Reichenbach Falls shot away from Switzerland, but Holmes was a letter written in English. That attention to such detail that the filmmakers could not show a matter of respect - people not for a moment forget that filmed the English classics. Against the background of the previous installments, this series looks virtually thriller. And from such a final lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. But we know that the end is not yet.
This is the detective always managed to trick and cunning criminals and experienced policemen. But if he now make a fool of herself Madame Death fails?

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