"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Mortal Combat" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Almost from the time of Richard I of England in the UK, even outraged accepted without losing the proud posture. The real scope of the crimes Plantagenet dynasty over the past century is no longer to evaluate, but it is not so important compared with the spirit of mortal danger. Without a doubt, Conan Doyle carefully selected opponent worthy of Sherlock Holmes to resist, and when it was created, it could only assume that the person she once Moriarty acquire cult status. By the will of the writer's main English offender presents such as described by the detective, and this interpretation of Professor easily read by respect for such a landmark figure. Otherwise, it could not be - Sir Arthur earnestly wanted to get rid of annoying character, gained their prohibitively high popularity. An antagonist should not be just as clever and smart as Holmes himself. Demonic magnetism appearance is more significant, for words have properties erased from memory, and is corrosive to the eyes deathly pale face - no. Igor Maslennikov before the portrait impressed book that his Moriarty gained recognizable features of graph Orloc silent "Nosferatu" and Claude Frollo in "Notre Dame de Paris." It seems that the long-suffering London and did not deserve a terrible villain.
«Mortal Combat" makes your content to think hard about what motivated Holmes, when he decided to devote himself to investigation. Might as Mycroft, honestly sit smoking a cigar in important clubs next to the more important gentlemen. Instead - danger. In place of the dull stiffness - the eternal search for a fascinating case. Confrontation with Moriarty - the crown of a career detective. So life dictates that a truly great in his work a man can not become without violent confrontation, which is worth all the joys and pleasures innocent in his noble life vegetating. It is no coincidence in this series Holmes so persistently tries to send the faithful Watson by his deeds - not in every duel need the seconds. Any person familiar feeling when wildly beating heart insists on the desired goal. It just around the corner - it is already possible to get a hand, and what will happen - it does not matter. Peerless Livanov survived this state together with his hero, for him is a kind of peak performance. At the foot of Reichenbach Falls lose any sense, especially such important things. Deduction is the time to strengthen the strong fist. Of course, somewhere behind the scenes machinations still Moriarty, a lot of mysteries of the true scale of its activities. Yes, it's all there, but the suite is nothing to do without their king. And they are two.
Pedantry British in observance of traditions would look strange without skill ceremonies. That duel detective with the criminal turned into a full ritual. Duelists are worthy of each other, and they experience the hatred is more than balanced by respect. Where else can you see how bitter rivals do not trust revolvers, and prefer close combat? It's amazing how this ancient times was considered plebeian style so came to taste Conan Doyle. But it is necessary to dig a little deeper, and the solution does not make long to wait. In a series of detective novel alluvial no arrogance, and even hardened villains are not deprived of the concepts of nobility. Blackmailer Milverton believed in honor of his revelatory craft. What to say about Moriarty, who contrary to infernality appearance is not some ephemeral evil besetting the British capital, and above all a man with weaknesses. The grandeur of logical thinking, in fact, does not mean much if he is not capable of theoretical mistakes and accept their mistakes. What convinces "Mortal Combat", no one is without sin, and transfer events to neutral Switzerland does not change the essence.

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