"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Mortal Combat" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The darkest film in general, good and ironic Soviet "sherlockiana". Tireless in an effort to expose the organized crime in London, and armed with a mysterious cryptogram Sherlock Holmes finally finds his enemy's level. And his name was Professor Moriarty, and it's not just another person involved in the famous filing detective with the letter M, it is Napoleon of the criminal world, which is "braided their networks all of London" and one of the leaders, perhaps the most dangerous gang of the Old World, for which the number of lion the proportion of all the unsolved crimes of the city. He was well educated, had a phenomenal mathematical abilities and no worse than the famous detective is able to build a logical chain. And Mr. Holmes is clearly very far gone in deciphering caught up in the hands of its securities, or the gray eminence of the underworld would not so strongly seek a personal meeting.
famous detective understands that this correspondence confrontation still ever to end their internal struggle. And the survivors, if any, generally will be, can be only one of them. In "Death combat" Livanov hero, which is not typical for the rest of the series of films, Solomin strongly pushes into the background and spins the whole pile of film events around him. A Dr. Watson in this story seems to be in store for the role, if not a statistician, only faithful companion of our hero. But even Holmes himself, it seems, in the light of impending and more than the real danger is already in force without former enthusiasm and a twinkle in his eye, and even ironic way omniscient detective forced to retreat in the face of painful reflection and reconsideration of his past life.
but would still nothing so also harmless Watson manages to get involved in a rather nasty history in the card club "Bagatelle", became an unwitting witness to a quarrel, "the most dangerous man in London," Colonel Moran and young Count Adler. Who would have thought that coming to the club and make a true gentleman's order: "Port and the" Times "Watson will be drawn to the game is not fraught with the most iridescent effects. And the best solution in this situation - taking each other in an ever rolling a neutral and tranquil Switzerland. There and spirit can be translated unfinished business to complete.
I must say that the main dish, and it was great detective apparently succeeded with his most notorious enemy confrontation. Their relationship is very complex and at the same time touching, touching. Holmes and Moriarty, these two antipodes, dreaming about the death of each other, so noble, do not dare to kill an unarmed enemy - only in a fair hand to hand combat. Each of them will give another chance had dropped a loaded revolver, not afraid to get shot in the back, and certainly will not let my worst enemy, even when it is unconscious, fall to the floor. Their final fight at the picturesque waterfall on steep rocks with unknown struggle before which one of the contestants waiting patiently for another, writing a farewell letter - just the top of the nobility. Characteristic appearance and voice of Victor Egorov Oleg Dal create laconic way most memorable villain entire film series.
Beautiful shooting issued for a Green Switzerland Abkhazian nature, the presence of charismatic villains, the abundance of locales, master work of the composer Dashkevich, responsive to every plot twist, spectacular and dramatic finale makes the "mortal combat" one of the most exciting and powerful film about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
and while M this time means Mor IART, but it looks like the rest of the inhabitants of file cabinets in the living room glowing houses on the street Baker Street at number 221-B is still as dangerous ...

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