"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Bloody inscription" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Conscious crime, especially since such a serious, like murder - is always a hard choice. Who decided to spill the blood of others is unlikely does not understand that there is no way back, and time still goes for it, then it is guided by something more powerful than conscience. Dully gleaming in the light of the lantern the words "Revenge" - the answer to many questions about the nature of the executioner. Another thing is that not everyone wants the investigator to delve into his problems. As part of official punitive machine, you can not sympathize with the killer, if he suddenly turns out to be more worthy of man than the victim. Free detective often pays off boredom while waiting for the case, but because the justice in the world there is not expected, and then to demonstrate the wonders of deduction by the example of Dr. Watson long hours do not have to. "A Study in Scarlet" has turned into a case of bloody inscription is not due to a desire to catch up with domestic horror filmmakers, but for the sake of understanding of psychology. Resourceful murderer whose actions present a large proportion of the risk, sets itself apart from any "bytovushnikov" urge Sherlock Holmes suggests the degeneration of the breed lawbreakers. Thus was created the classic detective story, which along with the cruelty often mingled despair and solid realization that "in another way already".
"Bloody inscription" notable not only for the discovery of new facts from the life of the great detective and his faithful assistant. In the story begin to take an active part valiant British officers, including a slider appears comical Inspector Lestrade. Scathing comparisons with fox terrier, oddly enough, is only going to benefit the bright image created Borislav Brondukova. Where there is a clever theorist, must always be stupid practices. So tells the genre, and perhaps it would be interesting to see the achievements of the private detective, do not confuse him forever underfoot cartoon rival? Without a doubt, Maslennikov developed the original concept of Conan Doyle, adding rich colors picture, ridding it of excessive dimensions. Watch sparring Holmes and Lestrade are no less interesting than listening to the testimony of the murderer. This is probably why the Soviet tape - much more than a quality detective. Deduction would be dead without partisan study of the character. The "civilian" conditions, it helps to know about the family tragedy, Doctor Watson, and in the "field" - a railway criminal motivation. On "Bloody inscription" originates genre tradition, when a conditional antihero captures attention and arouses sympathy.
As if corresponding electoral ignorance main character, Conan Doyle was marked by a superficial understanding of the Latter Day Saint movement. Mormons have a writer get the authentic Devil evil, of which fit to expose the most severe torture and burning at the stake, rather than follow in the footsteps of a lonely avenger. Of course, all is not so simple with these figures, and Sir Arthur, fortunately, finally realized his mistake. But without copyright delusions would not be penetrating into the soul of history, simultaneously demonstrates the contradictory relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. A symbolic reference to the ideas of Mormonism has allowed competently illustrate that the past - even the days and minutes - can be more important than the whole life lived. Of course, both of those killed are not able to influence the criminal picture of the country as a whole, but make it possible to follow the detective and his belief about the uniqueness of each case, as a personal drama - first and foremost. The final confession of the killer is in stark contrast with the gentlemen's conversations Holmes and Watson, but in both cases the person appears strong personality only if the corresponding listener. This is one of the characteristics of the phenomenon of the nobility, and that was not in the education of a particular character, then easily add life itself. A traditionally upscale, attentive to all the nuances of the Soviet statement of English detective is only properly presents, providing the classic story inexhaustible interest.

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