"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Bloody inscription" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The most insidious and brutal murder, which he could invent a criminal mastermind in the late XIX century, was prevented. The attacker fell victim to his wiles, his stung by a poisonous snake. And once again returned to Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
So acquaintance passed quite successfully, the first general business easily untangled, and begin to tie the first bonds of male friendship strong. Reigned week days are, but Holmes is something thought so, but so much that has a good shooting with a revolver on the walls of the room - still, interesting things there, and in the newspaper filed criminal news only reports of heavy everyday life of the bakers, but about pickpockets loser . "Underworld clearly degenerates" - lamenting Holmes and painful sighs. After all, even the most perfect in the world of mind rust around, and he is well aware. But it's worth it just a little bit like an old man grumbling, but to play Watson as the situation changes dramatically with the arrival of a strange letter.
London unfolding bloody vendetta, where the judge and the executioner stands a young American, remember the reason he heartache old acquaintances Mormon. He is so sure that administers higher justice that victims of their offers to play in the "British pill" - a game-analogue of the "Russian roulette". Even the Sherlock Holmes imbued particular nobility of this cruel and ruthless killer. In this role, we can observe the first guest star detective epic film by Nicholas Karachentsova. But, no big-name London Detective Inspector Lestrade ( "fox terrier - a lot of energy, mind a little" (c), or his Assistant Inspector Gregson ( "the most intelligent detective from Scotland Yard" (c) can not add all the elements of the story along the way of the hero. Borislav Brondukova - it turned out the most hilarious secondary characters, and its inspector Lestrade will accompany our heroes in most of their adventures in connection with the appearance of the character begins to develop comic-ironic line, red thread, passing through all the subsequent films, p. rotivostoyaniya "theoretician" Holmes and "practice" -ischeyki Lestrade.
A large part of the film is devoted to the quiet conversations of our heroes in the living room for a glass of sherry or a cup of tea, not spying on criminals and catch them. Each case is, by and large, unravels in the mind of Holmes as he smokes his famous pipe. it was only in the climactic scene, he calmly lays out the course of his thoughts, amazing, sometimes, but not only Watson Scotland yardovskih bloodhounds, but sometimes the most criminals. This course gives the viewer the opportunity to become related with the characters, to reveal themselves fully of their characters become their loyal friend. Dim lighting, interior, executed in classic Victorian colors, deadpan housewife Mrs. Hudson, samovar on the table, a fireplace with burning firewood, which sit two gentlemen with cigars and always fresh morning newspaper creates a feeling of presence, which is not be confused with anything.
In summary, it can be said that has not received the first series so successful and exciting our knowledge about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and this would be limited. Only thanks to the bags of letters that came to address the director, actors and studios, it was decided to shoot more of such favorite characters. This story is in many ways echoes the history of the Holmes stories of Conan Doyle, who was not going to write many stories about the detective several times to "kill" the hero, but delighted the reader and the highest royals demanding continuation. Thus, Sir Arthur involuntarily become the initiators of such a widespread phenomenon in our time as a multiple of successful continuation of the work. Who would call it either a serial, or a sequel, or a continuation of the franchise. But, fortunately for us, the only thing with what used to be considered and Sir Arthur, and Maslennikov & Co. was the only (and most importantly, as for me) thing - the view of spectators, not the interests of their own pockets. And maybe that's why the works of Conan Doyle, and movies Maslennikov to this day have not lost their appeal and sincerity
Quotes from the film (as a bonus):.
«Smoking is harmful" (Sherlock Holmes)
«Remember, Reims, at the head of the police not only to wear a helmet" (Sherlock Holmes)
«One of the unpleasant sides of the detective profession - I have to solve the crime. But sometimes the culprit is more sympathetic than his victim "(Sherlock Holmes)
« Fox terrier - a lot of energy, a little crazy "(Sherlock Holmes)
« Bleeding in the brain? He also lightly "(Sherlock Holmes)
« Go study pharmacology "(Dr. Watson)
« Damn! "(Dr. Watson)

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