"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Bloody inscription" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are stories that we know and love even from childhood, that this story is such, and concerns. Well-known and loved by "Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson" .
So, I would like to introduce you to a young Dr Watson , which is in the midst of ongoing military operations in Afghanistan. But now the war is over and he must return to his hometown of London . Now all that was connected with Afghanistan is in the past, and he begins a new life in a peaceful environment, which has already managed to forget. Dr Watson full of energy and belief that he is sure to succeed, because the time spent on the war has left a definite imprint on it. He needed to find shelter, to stop somewhere and he was advised to go to Baker Street . It is home to an elderly woman named Mrs Hudson , which is just rents rooms for clients. The doctor examined the room, I decided to stay at one of the rooms where he actually met his neighbor. At first glance, it seemed to him a very strange person, as Sherlock Holmes , and it was the name of that person, the doctor seemed suspicious type. Of course, that Watson is trying to find out what has been his roommate, because to him every day, we get what - that new visitors. This is a very strange people, some of them are rich, and the poor have, as well as the police and the bandits at all. So what is all - still involved in this mysterious man? This you will learn and watch this magnificent show.
you will have to wait not only a fascinating story, but also a great actor's game, where everyone showed his best side in the professional plan and watch talented actors playing one continuous pleasure. In addition, during the viewing of all the series we will be waiting for you befitting music that will penetrate even more mysterious atmosphere in the film. Detective genre paintings completely justified. Always worth a look adaptation of beloved stories, which so adequately removed during the Soviet era, and then the film industry has been very high, although there was fabulous budgets, computer graphics, special effects and other things, but was - soul! It is the soul and put the filmmakers in their blockbusters !
most English of Russian films. Vasily Livanov better Sherlock Holmes of all time, that even the British recognized. However, otherwise it could not be, because the assembled such a galaxy of wonderful actors, including not only the incomparable Vasily Livanov, but also charming Vitaly Solomin, charming Rina Green and others! What they are bright, catchy, causing emotions. That is what is called not to play his character, and live his life! Actor's game is perfected to filigree, all the emotions are realistic find this adaptation K. Doyle the best. Enjoy this game masters, Hollywood smokes nervously beside. Soviet cinema just great!
After another re-reading detective stories fascinating Arthur Conan Doyle decided to look again and filmed version. In general, I am a fan of this genre. I'd say the same as in the days of my work in the organs, Sherlock Holmes has been an example for me to work my teacher in the investigation file (as well as film-tutorial < i> «meeting place Can not Be changed" and "The investigation leading experts» ). Many of his tricks and tricks, as well as impeccable deduction greatly helped in the work. For this I am grateful to this film.
Even the British were warmly welcomed our screen adaptation version of Sherlock Holmes , expressing appreciation and gratitude to the Soviet actors and creators, for the revival of their national heroes. In this I fully sympathize with them, the actors have exceeded all expectations, their game was excellent. And the characters themselves, and I'm just so represented, plunging into the atmosphere of the famous detectives in the pages of all the work. Vasily Livanov brilliantly played the role of the great detective. His cold-blooded hero investigates mysterious crimes quietly, soberly, as the detective on one hundred percent confident in themselves and in their abilities. The role of the good-natured Dr Watson , which tries to emulate his friend, had to fulfill Vitaly Solomin . And , the duo of two great actors is recognized as one of the best. In this famous picture of the multi-attended very many Soviet celebrities. Unique and charming Rina Green plays Mrs Hudson .
The same can be attributed to the advantages of the television series of the eighties, and the fact that the dragging for their stories, can induce on the love of reading. And it will agree a big plus, because in our modern world, most of the teenagers and did not remember the last time I took the book in his hands. By the way, I want to say that the work of the crew took place in the Baltic States. Filmed this great serial film so accurately and skillfully that when viewing I have not even a sense of doubt crept in that I go along with the main characters in the London . I just completely dipped in the atmosphere of the film and live it together with all the heroes of the time. Let it not be placed on such currently fashionable modern effects, but it is a real, live, magic and fun. And the music in the film simply can not remain indifferent. In general, I would strongly recommend to look at it is this multi-film, it is this adaptation of such a fascinating story about the friendship of two extraordinary people. Our film adaptation of the movie «Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson» will not yield to the many more advanced options that are full on the Internet. On the contrary, it only surpasses them. If you have not had time to get acquainted with this remarkable, exciting film to the core, do not delay the moment. Be sure to take the time to do it, and I'm sure you will not regret. As I know myself, I love this show and watch it more than once. Even knowing it from cover to cover, do not miss the opportunity once again to plunge into the atmosphere of the adventures of two friends, detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
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