"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Acquaintance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I have to say - the title refers not to the plot, but the atmosphere of the first film in the series "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson ', namely,' Me '. Read more about this I say on. That is to say, the internal feeling little concern that arose during the movie.
So, 'Introduction'. Personally, it is very difficult to write a review for this film, because it is very important to me to find the right, plain and simple words that would once again assure you that this is a real film classic of his, the present and future time. Anyway, just want to remember and talk, because there is also what! Sherlock Holmes - one of the few literary characters who thoroughly influenced my life and made me who I am now there. That is much better than I was before. About Watson (and no, tram-pam-pam, Watson !) I can not forget, because without him, without the hero, perfectly complementing became famous detective, nothing would have happened, there would be no Holmes, do not be next to his faithful friend. But, so, reflections on the theme, move on, finally, to the film.
Pros. Firstly, it's really the same Conan Doyle, this is, indeed, the novel 'A Study in Scarlet' (its beginning), it is really London, only light, and with its unique atmosphere, is not characteristic, not always foggy London. In short, this film adaptation of the real. As if you are shown the book, and you watch it, you read, you feel, but to tell you the whole story - the book will always be something that will surprise you again, puzzled, but certainly please! And so it is necessary to make films on literary works: to add a grain of something her, but to follow the intent of the author, without moving from his path nor a step towards
Secondly, of course, actors.. Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin, Rina Green. If you hear at least two of the names that comes to mind the third. To me at least, for sure. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, as I said, real friends, but if in real life, actors terribly do not like each other, no one will ever believe in the friendship of their characters on the screen. Fortunately, for the greatest happiness, Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin in life were friends, and it shows in their game, or, in any case, it is strongly felt. And yet it is seen that they are very good people. I was lucky: I literally just found the book Livanov 'Unknown Sherlock Holmes. Remember the black sheep ', and after reading a few chapters I realized: it was in the role of Sherlock Holmes, in much the same, with absolutely microscopic differences, it is in life. And this, in my opinion, great. And of his stories about Vitaly Solomin, it is clear that he is a lot like his Watson.
Game mesmerizing actors, scary fun and makes you forget that all this is just a movie. Rina Green worth something if you do not know who this Mrs. Hudson, know that this is Rina Green.
Third, music. Music here ... you will not tell about it, it is necessary to listen to. I will say this, it is quite clearly associated with 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson' and more than anything else, and never did. It says Vladimir Dashkevich not been able to come up with the music, and when he called a third time Maslennikov, who wanted to hear, finally, the main melody of it, that would not annoy him, began to play the piano first thing that came to mind. And so it came the famous 'Overture'.
Cons. Hehe and cons ... no, ni-ka-cal! And even those mistakes that are noticed while watching a movie can be forgiven, even deliberately not pay attention, remember, because everything else has got so much right on point ... crashed arrow Sheriff of Nottingham! That's the way.
At what is there to 'walk on the razor's edge. " This is the impression I have recently, I decided to speak about it. I have the feeling that the whole court, all the actors make their way through rickety bridge over a precipice, one wrong move, one wrong word - and everything will fly to hell! Actors were laid before the writers have added so much to the script like 'deal on one tube', and so that there is a weak sense of brute force, it's not smooth. But the feeling only occurs when you have seen the film n-th surprising number of times. In the end, I want to say: the beginning of film classics, the beginning of 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Vastona' great atmosphere transfer of flats on Baker Street, 221b and the surrounding area. Remember, you will always wait for your friend, Sherlock Holmes
'He never lived, but will never die', Orson Welles
10 (9.8) 10..

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