"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Acquaintance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
By the number of adaptations of the story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson got into the Guinness Book of Records. At the moment, there are about 210 films with the participation of the detective. Best kinointerpretatsiey adventures of Sherlock Holmes is considered to be the Soviet screen version of Igor Maslennikov.
Interpretation Maslennikov including five of Sherlock Holmes films (1979-1986), in which the main role performed by Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin, recognized as one of the best performances in the movies, even the British, and an acting couple "Livanov-Solomin" British critics called "the best of the continental pair of actors ever to play Holmes and Watson".
cinematic cycle structure Igor Maslennikov enough SamoByt ytna and features some moments on the structure of the cycle Conan Doyle. It should be noted that Maslennikov, creating this project, though, and walked a little from the classic series, but at the same time, retained the main points, storylines and intrigue, and most importantly kept the spirit of the era of Victorian England of the late 19th-early 20th century. In addition Maslennikov managed to retain almost entirely key dialogues Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. This, in my opinion, is very significant in that it is in the dialogues revealed Holmes' deductive method, which is, of course, by the trunk in the genre of classical detective. All these subtleties we can find in all parts of kinobestsellera Maslennikov, who is expertly conveyed.
The memorable screen version Maslennikov, so it is primarily the fact that it is present everywhere humor. Generally, in the original cycle humor is present, of course, but not to the extent as in Maslennikov, humor, the director turns into irony to irony to Victorian England, an English conservative, English stiffness, with aristocratic. For example, which is only a breakfast scene Watson in the first series.
As for the images of the main characters of the film adaptation, already from the first series before us is the one Holmes, which gave us Conan Doyle. Vasily Livanov brilliantly coped with their role (I would even awarded him the prize "Oscar" if it was in my area of ​​expertise). The sarcastic voice, the self-control, all that we see from the description of Conan Doyle's words, Watson, we find in Holmes Livanov. Livanov so accustomed to that role, by and large, it is impossible to name any other way, except that only Sherlock Holmes. Lebanon and Holmes - this one. Nothing compares to it. Whether it's Benedict Kamberbetch certainly talented actor from the series "Sherlock", whether Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr. from the eponymous detective thriller Guy Ritchie, whether finally, Igor Petrenko, talented native actor of our time, or if you take the old school, even such actors as Christopher Lee, Michael Caine and others. no one has ever stood next to Livanov. No one can make him worthy competition. The paradox lies in the fact that the film cycle Maslennikov Holmes Livanov, and Watson Solomin, but almost all the characters combine our, domestic mental trait and English aristocracy. So getting such brilliant images by their standards.
image of Dr. Watson Igor Maslennikov, too, failed. But still it is a bit inferior to the image of Holmes Livanov, it does not mean that Vitali Solomin played bad, far from it. Holmes simply overshadows him with his game. And this, in my opinion, correct. Let tandem of these characters is unbreakable, even if they complement each other, but yet Holmes had to stand out by virtue of their genius and Watson as Holmes said "typical, devout Englishman" was supposed to blend in with the usual residents of London. And Solomin managed to play typical, true believer, a true gentleman. He stressed polite, militarily neat, brave, but a few simple-minded and very emotional. He's not such a sharp mind, Holmes, but his narrow-minded person can not be called a priori. He is educated, she loves poetry in the broadest sense of the word, is interested in natural sciences, but not as much as Sherlock Holmes. Of course, Watson (Watson) - Solomin, along with Holmes - Livanov form a characteristic tandem, just such as he is shown in his stories of Conan Doyle. Maslennikov skillfully showed the subtleties of the character of Watson. It is worth noting that Dr. character is not only the aristocracy, but also light comedy, which turns all the same in the irony on the English society of the late 19th century. This is shown in the dialogues, Watson's actions, where the venerable doctor thinks banal, sometimes even stereotyped. Deductive method is clearly not for him.
Thus, summing up, about the film adaptation Maslennikov can say the following. Cinematic interpretation of Igor Maslennikov - one of the best paintings, is based on the detective stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. Value is due, firstly, as close as possible to the original storyline, although the director and brought something of their own, and secondly, the film adaptation of Igor Maslennikov most accurately reflects the era of Victorian England, while doing it with humor, even with a touch of irony in the English society this time. Thirdly, the film adaptation of Igor Maslennikov, gave us a great game to evaluate terrific tandem Livanov-Solomin, as well as a number of other actors who perfectly coped with their role, again, brought her - mentally Russian, but artistically it does not diminish. Classic checked the time, the film adaptation Maslennikov has passed this test off. It also is immortal, as are the stories of Conan Doyle's great detective of all time.
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