"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Acquaintance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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sensational news that the England have recognized the Soviet «Sherlock Holmes» and was awarded the best in the world for it is the leading man - Livanov, drove me in his time in a stupor
first reaction was: "this can not be! .." The first thing that pops into your head at the memory of the old. film - a phrase « gray mediocrity » ...
abroad film "Sherlock Holmes" took almost a year, and many of the actors (of course) much closer to Conan doylovskim characters than our Livanov . Solomin, and the films themselves in quality is much higher than the Soviet
had a "break pattern", says the young people: all that I know about foreign countries, turned out to be an illusion and a mirage ... Or something confused reporters
Fortunately, then there was the internet - ran to him - and heart felt lighter: with my head all right ... it's news from those that would now call « feykovye ». Based, as always, to share the truth - Livanov really gave the title of a member of the "Order of the British Empire" - but not for the "best in the world Holmes" (almost wrote "... Carlson!":)), And for " contribution to the popularization of English culture "," strengthen the British-Russian relations "," acting career "etc. in the same spirit ...
The award itself is not particularly exceptional: MBE - the lowest class of the Order, 5th - and gives him the Queen of Britain every year hundreds items - so now walk through the world thousand one hundred members of the Order. (And contrary to popular belief, the title « Sir » Livanov still has not got: first, because of the low class of the Order, and secondly - dull due to lack of British citizenship ...)
I could be wrong, but film adaptation in the world (at least in the English language) is still, in my opinion, the most popular English series 80-90th. with Jeremy Brett (though he did not receive any orders, medals from the hands of his queen - or simply do not have time?). On their sites Holmes fans, our film is not something that is not seen - a lot of it did not even hear about it ... Vostorgov I have not seen exactly ... I
Himself our "Holmes" is still at the first show in the late '70s He struck his mediocrity (in spite of the color film), dull and boredom - and counterfeit and cardboard. I could not believe either that it is England or that the XIX century; characters often behave at all purely in Russian - especially Lestrade -Brondukov (and waiting for that right now, this will break the head with an awkward "mushroom" and zaoret familiar voice, "Hey," relative "I Afonya! ruble should ") and Mrs Hudson (Rina Green) with a samovar in the hands - oh, with a tray. Mikhalkov about I generally keep quiet ...
therefore wish to reconsider at least one series since never encountered ...
Having read-after listening to the current enthusiasm, I decided to double check, just in case: suddenly still missed something worthwhile, and the perception over the years may have changed ... but off each series in 5-10 minutes: for more ... I did not have
situations on the screen and then silly, contrived and unnatural
typical example falseness : Holmes shows off in front of Watson pictures of criminals - all as one vsevayut behold terror into the hearts . The oil of their terrible faces
Well, let's official photos Police shared with him - though he pours it all the time dirt in gratitude. But the fig they filmed these "rascals" with such wild grimaces and even with lighting from below ? That was worse? You are all so clear - even himself - and get exactly the same "scarecrows". But most importantly: what is the use of these manipulated photos - even the police, even though Holmes? After normally of them still do not know anyone! The film that is designed for kindergarten
himself Livanov is not a book Holmes: too soft, "manual", limp and relaxed, with a velvety-silky voice teddy bear - as opposed to a vigorous, alive?, minutes are not able to sit without work - or stressful thoughts - book hero, who could not tolerate unnecessary sentimentality. ( "thinking machine" - it named Watson)
Solomin plays Watson to C grade - in t . h. overdo with
"stupidity." Others, however, apparently decided to portray vengeance "strangers", so often strongly n reigryvali. It felt like a bad theater: where vengeance squeezed tears - I analyzed the laughter ...
As film adaptation of the world famous book, this film is not a masterpiece: no Conan doylovskoy intrigue and mystery - when sitting on pins and needles of uncertainty and even fear. (The most obvious example - "Hound of the Baskervilles": from the spectacular "horror" staged some sort of farce to the main "clown" Mikhalkov creeps do not wade never - on the contrary, often caused laughter grimaces terribly replayed Steblova and Mikhalkov ....)
As a film this series, too, neither fish nor fowl - even a genre difficult to determine if it is - detective, then it is too much inappropriate "Hochma" - against the backdrop general depression and tightened; and if the parody - the other way around, too little humor ...
But it is estimated that many in our country, this film came to taste - so I'm probably in the "vast minority". :)
His current high score (8.5), I was surprised - in the Soviet era still success could be attributed to acute deficiency foreign bands: compare with what was not, and bezrybe, as we know, cancer fish ... But in our time, when the "iron curtain" had fallen long ago, and became available to the "real goods" instead of different "cheap imitations" - do not understand ... Or is it extends the tradition - as my favorite "The Irony of Fate" for the New Year .:)
And the British, when they learn from some of the Russian emigrant "news" that they prove to be crazy about the Soviet "Sherlock Holmes", greatly surprised and sigh, probably "mysterious Russian soul ...»
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