"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Acquaintance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Want to know what it means to make a film in the present, with the soul? Want to see something without which no cost, no really good movie? Want to know how you can give the classics of world literature the most worthy of its adaptation, not only - in itself a real piece of cinema classics, self-sufficient and whole? Look at the Soviet TV series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. And if you still have not seen, that right now, because it's just absolutely have to know as well as detectives Conan Doyle
to the detective this in my whole attitude quite quiet -. Respectful, but not fanatical. I typed a little story that I read many times and with pleasure - the interest in the detective in me often die at once with its end at the moment covers disclosure. One or two re-reading, to re-track "line of reasoning" Holmes, well, everything. But there are another feature that, in fact, made me read them on and on - it's the characters and their relationships with each other. Even if the main part of the story I have rarely attracted really, but certainly not ignore the fact that the efforts of Doyle's Holmes is portrayed as quite a living person, I can not. And how will forget his friendship with Watson or discreet, but incredibly funny mockery Lestrade (such stories as "Noble Bachelor" and "The Norwood Builder", still punched me laugh)? And I think it makes no sense to explain to those who have seen our film adaptation of why they are so sunk into my soul, that to the folder with your favorite movies, I just sent one part after another.
«Thank Russian actors! They have given us back our national heroes » -! Such was the reaction of the British on these films. Since, in our series, and last year's masterpiece Guy Ritchie, I did not really see anything, to judge the full can not, but heard a lot about that in the transatlantic cinema anyone but Holmes seriously almost did not take. And if it is so, it is quite understandable why even the British were so delighted by our adaptations -. Simply because they see on the screen, live people who believe and which attaches itself, and that's all it is, however,
it is "only just" hides behind a huge task, which should be very respected, phenomenal skill, which can only admire, and, of course, a fantastic love for his work, not to mention the excellent sense of humor, which can and should be enjoyed over and over again. What most strongly clings to the atmosphere of these films? The brilliant irony, extremely contagious and, most importantly, so naturally blend that more correct to call these the film adaptation does not detectives, and comedies. Maslennikov himself admitted that they "rested", removing these films, and the actors are clearly enjoying themselves heartily on the set. Apogee, however, it reaches more in "The Hound of the Baskervilles", but also the early days of Watson and Holmes - undoubtedly, the idea is very, very fun. «I have with him is interesting» - says Watson of Holmes. Well still, he was not interested. To the person who keeps the glasses are real human eyes, plays host to a mysterious people, some of which in addition do not come back, tormented nights violin and keeps the room pictures of some bandit rye, different attitude and you can not. One would like to ask Holmes and Watson that was supposed to think, in your opinion? Being shown all this so naturally that sometimes even begin to wonder how Conan Doyle himself to such a scenario not thought
That is the greatest discovery of the writers and actors, conceived this adaptation -. The disclosure of the characters, their relationships ... and how seeing again, ever forget these heroes, whether it be Watson, or Lestrade, or professor Moriarty, or Mrs. Hudson, and, of course, the protagonist of CAM ...
«such people, I, generally very little, Watson. even I can be so odi n »
Yes -. one, the only, our Vasily B. Holmes! The British themselves said that Livanov belongs to one of the best (if not the best!) Presentation of the image of the legendary detective on the screen - of course, I knew it before, but only after watching this film, I realized fully that they had in mind. Rarely happens to seeing on the screen of the actor, I would simply not be able to keep track of how he plays, what to do to breathe life into the image - not an actor, I see on the screen, but the character he is. According to Livanov at first glance it seems that it is as if he were born to play English gentlemen, and only this cold mask of Holmes, his neproshibaemoe calm, as if transmitted to your viewers, his manner to express his theory in a tone as if there is nothing more natural (oh, the inimitable voice with husky ...) - simply unforgettable
not far behind and Vitaly Solomin.. Not for nothing did the show called the names of two of the main characters. Holmes and Watson became best friends. And if Holmes attracts us with what usually attract just genius, bright, extraordinary personalities, the Watson - Solomin as presented - we are attracted by what it can attract ordinary people. For intelligent, charming and generally is so cute that arise in some cases even a little higher Holmes in my hierarchy of characters. Of course, there can be traced a little slow-witted banter over Watson, but less nice it it does not - quite the contrary
would also like to put in a word about Mrs Hudson and Rina Green.. For her and her, and all the writers special thanks - in books Mrs. Hudson participation almost did not take, but they still managed to fashion a bright, memorable characters. Rina Green even minute appearance on the screen even managed to make an impression that will not soon be forgotten, and Mrs. Hudson -. A striking confirmation
creators of all calculated correctly. Each character of the film presents to the audience a completely real person - and this simple fact played such a large role in the fate of these films, it is not put into words
spirit of good old Victorian England with its fogs, kebami and hedges stored in detail detective atmosphere. Doyle, diluted brilliant subtle irony, brilliant Beaten legendary images that have become almost family, shown remarkable story of friendship between two such different people, solemn instrumental theme, friend etc. as those who have not seen a single movie ... Great show. On all sides a fine. In such films, and enjoy the full order, without which none of this movie will not do - the skill of the writers brilliantly spelled out adventures and characters, and the actors, who were able to breathe life into them ...

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