"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Acquaintance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

So I finally got to the 'legendary' film adaptation of 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'. The film adaptation, which was so naslyshana, bark proud.
What can I say? In fact, watching the first two episodes made me more than mixed feelings. And let I incurred the wrath of millions of ardent fans of our Soviet creations, despite the obviously positive attitude, I could not help but notice a number of disadvantages.
In his defense, I will say that before watching the Soviet version I managed several times to re-read books about Sherlock, a detailed examination of its image and a comparative analysis with the other two adaptations. Each has its faults, but what surprises me is the fact that the character Livanov is considered ideal. So I want to ask the question. '? Have you read a book in outline or perhaps upside down'
Although, of course, I'm not so heartless, and generally the film as existing apart from the works of Conan Doyle I liked. But my claim, too, have the soil and foundation.
Therefore, I would like to write as well as about the advantages and disadvantages of the film.
What did you like?
1. Actors.
course, pointless to argue with the fact that the roles were invited very talented and respected actors, perfectly know their stuff, and if you do not take into account the book, they played a very realistic and just wonderful.
I would like to separately mention Mrs. Hudson -. that is what is called 'the point'
More pleased appearance, almost ideal for book description
2.. Scenery.
That's what tried, so tried. Streets, houses, rooms, clothes, dishes - every detail is just perfect fit, creates a holistic and distinctive image of the time and place
3.. The script.
Of course, it is clear as day that the full copy book in terms of plot is almost impossible. The same time, regulation prevents. It is therefore natural that something is cut, shortened, altered it. But we can not agree to do so efficiently. No creasy, understatement, as it often happens in the adaptation, and despite the fact that, for example, the actions of 'A Study in Scarlet' handed down in the second series, in fact, it does not interfere with the course of events to enjoy.
that did not like?
Dissimilarity images.
1. Sherlock Holmes.
guess at this point I will be 'enemy of the people'. But I can not keep silent any way:)
best to start with a comparison with the canon, for there is a scene in which the difference is not something that catches and just did persistently climbs eyes
1.1 .. Scene love
'- Found.! Found! - glee he cried, rushing to us with a test tube in his hand. [...] If he had found a gold mine, and it's probably his face would have shone in this delight .
[...] In the heat of impatience, he grabbed me by the sleeve and pulled to your desk [...]
He clapped his hands, beaming with joy, like a child, with a new toy '
film:.. unflappable Sherlock Holmes, quiet as the elephant and rather smug, tells only open reagent like touts new IPhone
1.2 The scene with the snake
"... I noticed look of horror and disgust on his deathly pale face. '
film: all the same exp of polite interest and full restraint
1.3 The observations during the investigation
'... went quietly around the room, then pausing and kneeling; once he even lay on the floor. Holmes so carried away that, I forgot about our existence - and we heard the murmur, then a moan ... '
Movie: Sherlock rather superficially looks at the crime scene, simultaneously giving explanations and did not. . abstracting from the outside world
In fact, these moments a lot, they slip here and there, and greatly hurt the eyes
and especially amused me, so this is a purely Russian glimpses:.) You can close your eyes to a one-off treatment 'What happened, madam?', but the scene of a shooting in the wall and it's purely random Russian-ride: 'I'm on Eshu carpet, she did not notice, '- it looks pretty funny. Not such a mentality from the British. Although in this case, Holmes at all should not worry about the reaction of Mrs. Hudson.
also amused scene where street children are asking a cigarette. Here it is said, the weighty Soviet censorship: 'Smoking is bad! You see what I'm skinny - it's the fact that I smoke '. I doubt that Sherlock at all concerned that there take these funny guys:)
In addition, in my opinion, did not like the hero's voice and laughter of the actor, but here it is purely my personal perception, and against nature not trample:)
I brought all these examples do not in order to popridiratsya. Simply, it clearly shows that Livanosky Holmes very restrained in emotions, but quite friendly to people, not concentrated during the investigation, whereas the real Sherlock - a hurricane of emotions in everything concerning the operation, but low-key in terms of communication, he plunges head in the experiments and reasoning chain, but can be rude and inconsiderate to other people's feelings.
difference really is, is not it? Perhaps the reason for that - the closure of the Soviet Union. In an isolated society ruled by stereotypes - that turned Mr. Holmes purely 'Russian' Briton. But the fact that the British themselves declared it the best, remains a mystery to me. Seriously, people's eyes while reading is necessary to look at the text. Our Holmes, without a doubt, is good, but also no doubt, is not perfect.
1.2. Dotkor Watson.
Here I am shorter. Let's just say, not enough our little Watson admiration and a certain psychological worship. The doctor in this film adaptation of the turned-confident, self-reliant, self-sufficient character. However, between the product lines we can see that Watson - narrow-minded and clumsy purely in terms of the everyday man, though of course in his field he is an expert, no search. He admired his friend, and in a rather emotional way. Since then, he is convinced of the effectiveness of the methods of Holmes and his brilliant mind, praise and enthusiastic views, along with a chance to pull out questions like 'How do you know ???', will hear and from all sides.
1.3. Inspector Gregson, and Inspector Lestrade.
These characters, in turn, is too friendly with Holmes. They are interested and a little obediently listen to his version, even though they should confidently rely on their 'discerning', 'ischeyskie' minds and laugh at the 'dilettante'.
So to sum up all that is written, I will say that, rejecting the sense of national pride, you realize that in fact it is not the best of the best.
But if you watch the movie, forgetting about the original, really enjoy viewing of interesting, high-quality and made with the movie soul.
So how to put adaptation assessment
5 of 10
but as a film -
10 of 10

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