"Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: King of blackmail" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The famous detective during his long and well-deserved career had to deal not only with murderers and thieves. After all, there are people far more often vile and almost always more tricky than other representatives of the criminal world - is the extortionists, and now with one of these scoundrels had to face the well-known blowing by Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin
This, the third movie. cult series about the Lord Holmes and Watson, always gives a deep and fascinating immersion into the world of adventure heroes of Conan Doyle. Emphasis action takes away from the work with the crimes do not require confirmation in cases of blackmail, where in the course are personal records, inaccurately expressed by the words of certain people and even gossip. This film is more revealed as a fragile scandals lives of influential people in London. We are introduced to the brother of Sherlock - Mycroft, through the participation of the audience is introduced to the couloirs of life of wealthy people. Very impressive scene in a local club for VIPs, where rules prohibited even talk within its walls - a place where you can relax from the inevitable chaos of the city and business. Such attention to the aristocracy more viscous book plunges into the atmosphere of the original works.
One interesting feature of the story is familiar with the main villain near the beginning. The purpose of Mr. Holmes and his loyal friend in this time will not disclose identity of a mysterious blackmailer. His face and even know the name of the whole of London, and is therefore particularly noteworthy to observe this intellectual struggle. This is the case when the police are powerless. Although the general tone of the narrative is set quite serious, and occasionally dramatic, as usual there was a place and humor. Blowing Livanov and Solomin constantly diversifies happening and gloomy scene with a dip in reflection, it can in no time be replaced by a farce, but held so as not to disturb the integrity of the story. In addition, the friendship between Holmes and Watson go to the next level, because the latter has not only become a greater degree of trust to his colleague, but also to engage in light of the success of successful detective of London.
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