"Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: King of blackmail" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Confirming the image of an extraordinary man, the first detective of London did not hide their own shortcomings. Nechuzhdy self-irony, when meeting with Holmes and Watson immediately warned about the constant presence of tobacco odor, not always pleasant music and lots of visitors. I forgot to add that he, as the guardian of the law, has various ways of upholding justice, until the radical (read - criminal). Venerable hunter - a decent game. Obviously, he reasoned Conan Doyle, undertaking a series of stories, Pestryaev cascade abominable subjects, intelligence not inferior to Holmes. And the first of the Guard anti-heroes - Charles Augustus Milverton - rather quickly debunked the myth of perfection adept deductive reasoning. Moreover, the winner of the "title" King of blackmail made a general rehearsal of the battle, the outcome of which is far from obvious. In the case of compromising letters noticeably desire of the writer show that cocky detective can avoid hurtful errors and unnecessary blunders. And only one nobility Holmes, chest and with a pipe rushing to protect the ladies of honor, change the tone of the narrative does not explain. Excitement - this is what is haunted by a born player and fans to tickle nerves. I turned up on time and occasion. Since no luck detective force show how much Milverton is not right, the rescue can always come arsenal of an attacker.
«King of blackmail" opens is probably the most dramatic phase of the biography of Sherlock Holmes. In the first series of through the story of the investigation as such there is little, but there is the establishment of order in the circumvention of the law, but not the concept of honor. Figure Milverton, awakening hitherto dormant in detective predatory instincts resonates with tired homonymous pattern Death of Fritz Lang. But if the Austrian classic collector of souls reluctantly passed through the surrounding ownership grandiose wall of the doomed, the King of blackmail revels in his, as he seems to be a moral activity. Asking mercy for the victim and Death, and Milverton, and with the same, that is - a failure - the result. Even the desire to give the unfortunate last chance both characters are similar. Who was not at Lang, he found Igor Maslennikov. Holmes for a couple with Dr. Watson defies the forces of the enemy, and despite all efforts, convinces him of the limitations of human capabilities. Nontriviality picture expands the notion of detective case as an extremely dangerous occupation, when you can not take rejection or voluntarily poking your head in a lion's mouth. Thanks to an impeccable traditional supply there is no doubt about the justification of the risky step. We have to get used to the fact that Holmes is now serious opponents.
Breaking and entering, but the tape is nice not only the ups and downs in the lair of a blackmailer. Maslennikov first real uses Mycroft Holmes, whose dialogues with his younger brother - the same classics, like the rest of the series. Boris Klyuyev aristocratically beautiful, and although the disparity of age book original periodically strikes and meticulous execution covers this deficiency. Not without directing mocking the family holmsovskoy deduction - as events have shown, worthless all discernment, if it can not prevent the drama. Considering that "The King of blackmail" - not so much the whole picture, as the forerunner of a deadly battle, a certain understatement and does become legkoobyasnimoy. In London, the air is clearly felt the approach of trouble, maybe so and sunlight in the film is much less than in the opening parts. "The Adventures of" biting expose deficiencies of the main characters, and are led to a rebus, the solution of which can be much worse than the most shameful revelations. After all, what blackmail in the right hands, first of all? Only a tool, a weapon, exactly the same as the gun "Wembley-Scott" system. A brilliant mind - it's perfect. But sometimes a simple latchkey can be more effective. A truly talented detective, able to understand it.

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