SFIA Terminology In Resume Essay

1.You have a r?sum? which you have prepared already. Now that you have considered the professional skills within the SFIA framework, you should be able to assess the skills that you have used and demonstrated in your internship.

Select the 3 top skills that you have now applied in your work, and describe these using the SFIA terminology.

How could you incorporate these into your resume and relate these to your internship and current experience?

2.Your Cover Letter is the first part of a job application that a prospective employer will look at.How do you think that you could improve your current Cover Letter to ensure that a job application that you prepare will ‘stand out from the pile.


1.The three skills that have been applied in the work can be described using SFIA terminology. These three terminology are as follows-

Skill name: IT Infrastructure.

Level of responsibility: 2

Skill code: ITOP

Overall description: The IT infrastructure is responsible for delivering and supporting the IT related services that will meet the requirements of the business. It includes managing and controlling the hardware and the software, changes in the operations and the processes, maintaining the legal and the professionals standards. The function of the ITOP also includes the evaluation of the performance of the system in the virtualized computing g environments and monitoring the system performance.

At level 4 in ITOP the workers can correct the procedures and the applications.

Level Description: The level of this skill is 2. In the level 2 activity of the IT Infrastructure, the main function is to assist in the support activities related to the database.

Skill name: Network Support.

Level of Responsibility: 2

Skill code: NTAS

Overall Description: The description of the task defines the supporting and maintain the network. The support can be given to both the users and the system for delivering some functions. The main objective of this type of services are to investigate and troubleshoot the problems related to the network. It also includes the performance monitoring and giving the advices and the trainings to the users for accessing the network in a correct way.

Level Description: The level of this skill is 2. At level two , one can assist in the investigation and the resolution of the network related problems. At this level , one can also assist in certain network maintenance procedure.

At level 4, the expert can support the process and can handle all the requests in the network.

Skill name: Information Security

Level of Responsibility: 3

Skill Code: SCTY

Overall Description: The main function of this skill is to develop the selection and implementation of the management and control strategies in such a way that it supports the security standards, availability, confidentiality of the system along with meeting the rules and regulations of the implementations.

Level Description: The level description of this skill is at level 3. At this level one can communicate with the business managers and others about the problems related to the information security and the risks. One can perform the risk and vulnerability assessments for the small systems. At this level one can assign specific risks controls and the policies required for the risk assessments in the organizations. Certain actions can be taken in response to the data and the security breaches.

At level 4, the expert can analyze the causes and can give guidance and advice for maintaining the technical security.

2.There are few steps those can improve the current cover letter in the job application. Some of these steps are-

  • Addressing the cover letter to the right person: Addressing the cover letter to the right person is important. The candidate needs to know the person and his or her designation while addressing the cover letter. These information regarding the addressing person will reflect the candidate’s knowledge about the company along with maintaining the clarity.
  • The cover letter needs to attract the attention of the reader: The presentation of the cover letter is needed to be done is such a way that it can reflect the interest of the candidate about the post or the job. The cover letter should be well written and the purpose of the cover letter is needed to be relevant with the description of the job, so that the reader to the cover letter can connect the requirements of the job with the content in the cover letter.
  • Mentioning the achievement: Mentioning the achievements like excellent academic performance, internship or any extra curricular activities those are relevant with respect to the responsibility of the job can be mentioned. This will help the cover letter to gain some edge and will reflect the eagerness and the interest of the job seeker for the position of the job.
  • The spelling and grammar are needed to be error free: The error free sentence and maintaining the rules of the grammar while writing the cover letter will help to give a good impression to the reader about the candidate. The positive impact on the writing skill will help the candidate in the job interview.
  • Relevant cover letter: The cover letter should be relevant with the purpose and should compatible with the actual knowledge of candidate.

The improvement that can be made in the cover letter:

There are certain improvement those can be made in the specific cover letter. These are-

  • The achievement can be added in the cover letter.
  • The construction of the sentence can be more accurate.


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