Sexual harassment of women Essay

Whatiareithe legal provisionirelating toisexualiiharassment ofiwomen at workplace.  This act is passed at 2013iinindia foriiprohibition and prevention of womai fromisexual iharassment at work place.  This actiiwas passed on 3rdisept. i2012. Itiiwas also passed by the rajya sabha oni26 February 2013. Workplace SexualiHarassment- What Is It?  The sectioniwas define asitheiaggrievediwomaniandisexualiharassmentior the highlight key elements of it.  It presents the user withiscenarios fromiacross-section of workicontexts toibuildiclarity on different formsiofisexualiharassmentias identified under the Act. Aggrievediwoman  Thisiactiisireorganizationiof right everyiwoman toiaisafe & secure atiworkplace environment irrespectiveiof her age or work status.  It’s include alliwoman whether directly throughian agenticontractor, iwith or without knowledgeiof principle ofiemployee.  Further, she could be a co-worker, ia contract worker, iprobationer, trainee, apprentice, or called by any otherisuch name. ithis act is alsoicover a oman who isiworking in dwellingihouse or place. What is aiworkplace  It’s defined asiany placeivisited byithe employeeiarisingiout of aduring the course of employment providedibyithe employeriforiundertakingisuch ia journey.  anyidepartment, iorganization, undertaking, establishment, enterprise, ieducational, entertainmental, iindustrial, health services or financial activities including production, supply, sale, distribution or service.  Nursing homes orihospitals.etc. Examples ofi ‘this for that’itype ofisexualiharassmenti atitheiworkplace.  Shreyaiis bright young leader, she is working in call center. she is dedicated, perfectionist and hardworking.  One dayishe stay back at a late one eveningiwith her colleague parth to complex work for an important presentation.  Parth offers to buy shreyaidinner and he drops later her home since it’s been ailong day.  After dinner he proposes to shreyaithat her to spend theinight with him.  Shreya refuses politelyibut firmly and goes home.  Next day, parth repeats his request and on shreya’s refusal, threatens her that if she doesn’t give-in he wili tellieveryone that she made a pass at him. What is Workplace ‘thisiforithat’iSexualiHarassment?  As in above example parthithreat aishreya if she doesn’t agree to his request for a sex favour he will returnito her character at workplace a person who is want to use sex favours toiheriadvantageiconstitutes of sexualiharassment. iparthibehavior unwelcome sexualiand has a negative impact onishreya. Reference

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