"Seven Samurai (1954)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Seven Samurai -. Japanese is my Lord of the Rings and my gladiator
introductory phrase is just an attempt to convey my impressions of this. Equally impressive trilogy only made me P. Jackson and the stunning 'Gladiator' Scott. Another thing is that Seven Samurai I looked, when he was much older, and the film is not just significant, but the scope of cinema epic creations over New Zealand magician. Akira Kurosawa was surprised and impressed. Knowing about the typical oriental really weird films, it was very surprising to see a strong, large-scale painting. I was surprised to find after 2 hours of viewing, the film is not over, and even more surprised that I was just absorbed in watching it. So intrigued and attached to the screen, which again said it himself (the fact that the last three years, no reel of film, could not hold me so near him).
And so there is no huge scale battles, but those that have shown such a charming authenticity, with the anthropological and realism that it looks a lot nicer artificial Hollywood carnage. And most of all - it is the diversity of the film. Here, you and ethnographic sketches and drama and dialogue, and elements of comedy, poetry, poetics, history, and direct view, without any embellishments. And it touches. Ordinary people with their problems and cockroaches in my head. Problems of social classes, the relationships, the relationship between people and demonstrations of fate. Vivid images (which is also rarely seen in modern cinema). It is difficult to distinguish even more prominent character. And the samurai, peasants, women, gangsters. All very natural, naturally, believe this. Really do you believe in something that shows the director.
course as usual on this site, everything has been said about me. And the role of the film in the cinema, and about the director, and all the rest, but as usual I write more for themselves, in order to mark their emotions a little more than a simple sketch grafomanski Twitter.
Very strong frames. In the picture they are really a lot. Particularly impressed with the ending. And the final phrase and four mound Honor, if I may call them that.
general black-and-white movie that several times in the movie sneaks up ants, it ... Again, impressive! It's so rare sensation. Perhaps the best film in the last few years that I've looked. And music, exactly as the operator and acting on the level. And why it seems to me that the Japanese just so themselves and lead. What we seem affectation, nonsensical female shrieks, and other clowning, all this bylo..realnostyu. And a part of Japanese history and culture.
Film adventure Japan. Sketches that help to better understand and hockey and Bushido and the Japanese mentality. Amazing country, amazing story. And it also affects the assessment. Japan - it's always a little bit different planet
Funny how emotions evaporate after writing.. Spoken word is a lie. I write and understand that I can not pass on their impressions, thoughts, images. It is at the level of silent admiration, finger-pointing, and children's exclamations. Despite the fact that the work of the brain, conducting parallel patterns subconscious historical information, tracking the impact of the film on everything seen you, intense as ever. Nice work. Notes the details of uniforms, right recreated village which you saw in museums or travel, fine, very fine and without embellishments transmitted ideology of bushido, the people and the whole era. Already I repeat.
seen in a review of words that they say that the battle is not elegant and unrealistic. And I think on the contrary, they are amazingly accurate. There was never beautiful battles and spectacular war. It's always dirty, labor, and absurd murder. Pay attention to the team spirit of the film. Several intelligent warriors, methodically, planning, and competent management turn a dying village, in a small but impregnable fortress with proud soaring banner. Methodical and social everywhere. Ritualopodobnogo from harvest to meditative exercise. In American films is different. American cinema cult of heroism. That's the America. Individualism. Self-sufficiency, "none of my business." Hence the dominance komiksoidnoy husk. Asia has always been the more social. And the film is shown, too. And there are thousands of them ... detail ...
and tired of fighting with the ever eats my phrases interface, and too lazy to write anything in the safe Word, concludes a review. Again noting its fragmentary and personnel (review). And the plummet of the film a few more compliments, perhaps leave. All to look. Everyone know. All watch, and then check with the available of that era and country information. Fun, unforgettable.
And yes. The fate of the movie Warrior to lose again and again. A good movie as a good friend. One look, it is partially dies. We have lemmings comics. And what is left we?
honor of the samurai and fond memories.
10 of 10

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