"Seven Pounds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«The most interesting thing in this lies the fact that it is - a lie from beginning to end ..." (Voland)
M. Bulgakov, "Master and Margarita»
If directed by Gabriele Muccino wanted to repeat the success of its charm and biopic "The Pursuit of Happyness", filmed two years earlier "Seven Pounds", he is clearly failed, as the first film is filled with a sense of design and the last - not. He even, on the contrary, is destructive. Trusting the audience was like a bone thrown lachrymatory fake, concocted anyhow and carelessly stretched on the main "skeleton" in the face of the stellar performer starring. The director did not hesitate to be inconsistent and even absurd, because this is not a movie to thinking and snotty tale without a grain of truth: that stocked handkerchiefs, wimp, we are now one of you press the max! You will mourn for anything you do not like, not identifiable and utterly inadequate character to the pain in his heart reveling inhuman nobility. It does not matter what happens it will all be on the verge of reasonable ...
Weird guy named Tim, guided by some known only to himself principles, gets acquainted with a number of people who suffer from all sorts of ailments. Day after day, Tim was watching them, studying, stick with dubious inquiries and looking earnestly into his eyes. As a result of careful selection next to the homegrown redeemer of sins is seven people, each of which needs expensive medical care. After some thought, the hero decides that these unfortunates worthy of his special favor, and writes them to a sophisticated "pass" into the world of his own mercy. But the question is: what is dictated by the truly insane act of will and is it worth it with such dubious grounds ..
Interestingly, none of the seven elected - seems to be quite normal, not stupid people - and did not bother to time to get to the truth?, to reach clearly freaking out, excessively exaggerating their sinfulness Tim, and not to impress a guy, what a wonderful price all of his suffering. It turns out that too many cooks spoil the broth, and in every way ... You do not need a great mind or a long hesitation, in order to realize that since the execution itself due to unintentional act can only mentally unbalanced person, and that such an obvious distortion simple, understandable to every inhabitant of meanings is not a plus in favor of the director. It is rather ignorant next trick, a lure, or, even worse, the caulk scenic holes. In short, everything in this film is far-fetched and utterly contrived:. And dialogues and direction, and the hapless protagonist, and his incredible mission
viewer manipulation techniques in Gabriele Muccino obscenely simple. Typical cheap in a shiny wrapper. And though as a "chocolate-filled" again it - everyone's favorite shirt guy Will Smith - this time the "chocolate" was cloying in content and in form the wrinkled. Who would have thought that we will see clever, handsome and jovial Will in such surroundings? Who would have assumed that the poor guy the whole movie is unnatural and sickening sulk exude vibes of doom? Inescapable crease on the bridge of the nose and the edge of a small house - as an eternal sign of the intolerable suffering of the character, as some of his "speaking element": do not withhold grace, good people - perhaps, who as you can ..
The ideological load picture "Seven! lives "(as like her predecessor," The Green mile "," Pay it Forward ") is not burdened, but clichéd-lofty tragic mournful seen in everything - from the dialogues of characters to costumes, interior, lighting, shooting manners and narrative dynamics. Especially annoying Tim intrusive close-ups with a pained look and inescapable fold on a gloomy brow: neither give nor take - a lamb to the slaughter .. By the way, as to sacrifice and sacrifice, the film in this regard is absolutely useless - it does not teach anything Putney, nothing makes you wonder, does not explode the brain. What is hoped the director and his team, some profound meaning invested - is not that confusing, but simply uninteresting, since it is clear that the meaning initially no one cared, and all bets have been made to generate the banal sense of pity from the audience. Here it's just speculate mercilessly filmmakers for two hours of screen time
apogee of this absurd, does not inspire any confidence in buffoonery was a truly monstrous final scene, in which the face of Woody Harrelson -. It face ! - both visually and, so to speak, "on the content of" sensitive plunges the viewer into the quiet horror cleaner Sadako crawls out of the TV. Shown metamorphosis, the more similar among others, appears to such an extent and unreal eerie is perceived simply as someone the patient, twisted fantasy as someone mad nightmare. And Frankenstein nervously smokes on the sidelines ...

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