"Seven Pounds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To begin with, that after re-watching this movie once again convinced of the correctness of finding it in the Top 250, because only worthy to enter the picture, of course, there are some unpleasant exceptions, but fortunately "Seven Pounds" to such clearly does not apply. Movies can be turned a little fake and a bit formulaic, maybe not even a little, but what feelings and emotions overwhelmed me personally after seeing this picture. Undoubtedly the creators wanted to play on the feelings of the viewer and make him insight into the situation and understand the spiritual experiences and fractures of the protagonist, they have turned out the way very nice. Despite the fact that I am against the manipulation of human emotions, "Seven Pounds" liked the movie still came out very vital, strong, emotionally, and simply interesting. In the end I even felt a little sad, but on the other hand in my heart I was happy that everything is over, because the ending turned out really worthy, though very predictable.
course people like the main character exists only in movie, but sometimes nice to reflect and to mark that such as Ben Thomas still exist in reality and are perhaps even among us. In short, the picture I really liked, and if someone wants to just have a good time watching a good movie, then "Seven Pounds" is ideally suited for this. Maybe a movie again comely and too manipulative, but still it is very high quality and a strong shot, and there are unfortunately recently released not too often. By the way, in spite of a very weak criticism, the film is still very impressive fees and a high score from the viewers once again was proof that critics are human beings and they make mistakes. Should tell a bit about the storyline, which is now about it and go.
The plot tells the story of Ben Thomas, a man once fault which killed seven innocent people during the accident. In addition to the strangers among the victims and the bride is Ben. Hero now blames himself for the death of all and can not bear to live with such a burden on the heart, because in fact his fault in the same accident is extremely high. To somehow ease the condition of his soul, that Ben decides to help a complete stranger to him before the people and give them a new life instead of those that ceased to exist in the same accident.
to avoid mistakes in the selection of candidates for a new life hero who personally checks and that from itself actually is. As a result, among the lucky ones are blind, but very talented pianist named Ezra, are experiencing serious problems in the relationship with her boyfriend of many children's mother and almost hopelessly sick girl Emily, who has a very serious heart problems and that the donor is required immediately, because if after a while new heart will not be able to find, then Emily could die from heart failure. Soon after the meeting, Ben realizes that despite all the problems, he begins to fall in love with a little girl, all of which greatly complicates and radically changes ...
script is very good, of course a bit formulaic and too pathetic, but he is still good and to some extent instructive, but the audience watched this movie not because of some kind of super tough and original plot, but because of the beautiful stories and of course the cast, mainly due to the Will Smith, who really want to get the same in his piggy bank awards "Oscar" and it shows Neuve eye-equipment, because now Will become much more competent to choose their projects, because in recent years Smith became increasingly appear in films dramatic facial features, like this. Not to say that it looks beyond cool and very convincing, but what he is trying and he has a pretty good idea turns out, we can say for sure. Overall, Smith looked great, but most importantly, he has once again proved that he is not a typical action hero, but really talented and versatile actor.
From the rest of the ensemble cast would be allocated still playing superbly Rosario Dawson which is paired with Smith looked very concise and most importantly, it is interesting, as well as Barry Pepper and of course the unmatched Woody Harrelson, whose character for some reason I very much remember and ingrained in the memory, as a blind pianist in his performance was so expressive and vozmutimym that does not feel the sympathy for this character is very difficult. All the actors as a whole played a very good level and deserves only the highest ratings for their work. And of course it is worth noting a good job of director Gabriel Muccino, which is the second time takes a very strong and vital drama, the ability to make the viewer think.
In general, "Seven Pounds," a wonderful movie that despite some of its simplicity, and in some moments even templates can make the viewer reflect on all of life's problems, and in general to think about whether or not someone will be able to do in the end what made the main character, and if not, you can asking for anything in return, to do good to people, and when it m not done to show off. In short, I personally really liked the movie and so I put the tape is almost the maximum score, namely this:
9 of 10

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