"Seven Pounds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As a rule, if the film aims at something more than just entertain the audience and help them have a good time, then it begin to demand higher. From it necessarily waiting for something sacramental and profound, something that is capable of if you do not turn the mind, then make a deep and think for a long time. «Seven Pounds» Italian Gabriel Muccino - it is a movie. Critics almost blew it to smithereens, but were greeted with open arms, for any film is much more valuable than the recognition of film experts strict.
«God created the world in seven days. I destroyed his seven seconds. »
amazing how the fragile and unstable human life. More recently, he had everything. The long-term work, a cozy house on the beach, lovely woman. Dreams, desires, plans for the future. It's amazing ... for a few seconds, during which time he only had that cast a fleeting glance at the display of his mobile phone - that's all. His whole life was falling off a cliff, and some insignificant amount of time he had nothing left. He was in hostage by the worst of the Inquisitor, which can neither be bought off nor escape, because the Inquisitor - his conscience. Seven lives. He took seven lives and now must somehow redeem himself. At least try. He did not commit suicide just as likely to make the most like him, tormented by pangs of conscience of people. He chose a different path -. Much more difficult, but also more rewarding
I really liked the directing course at the very beginning of the film. The film is composed, like a puzzle, making follow closely the action, not to miss anything important. We gradually learn about the hero, his tragedy and pain that fills his soul - learn from scraps of phrases, actions and thoughts. Movie begins as a deep and depressing drama - until such time as the Bin (and so, probably, the name of our protagonist) meets Emily . It - almost ideal girl: sincere, charming and kind. She lives alone in a big house with a huge watchdog posoy who eats only vegetables and tofu (my least make it to eat). But not everything is as good as it seems. Emily is terminally ill. Her heart at any moment can stop. She did not go to school; it can not be run or just walk fast. Her no one has ever loved - everything just felt sorry for. Ben met her just at the moment when despair has taken hold of his soul, and desire to live was zero. It re-opened to him that what he had long forgotten - how beautiful life is, even is such that ordinary people feel the existence of only limited in the actions of man. She's sick, but clings to its place in this world so strongly that you can not help but admire it. And Ben, in turn, opened to her the miracle of love, allow you to feel what it is - when you care about just because you have to, not because you're dying
Here the director began to play "a mixture of styles." - and is clearly overdone. The abrupt transition from the philosophical drama to romantic melodrama snotty-kissing on the lawn, and fainting on the stairs did not go to the benefit of the film. People who initially set up to view a movie is serious, it must have been puzzled. And towards the end and we did showed a romantic fairy tale. Muccino, spurs strict producers clearly went towards the viewer so that the viewer was going to meet his film in cinemas - because the cinema, where «a little of everything», are always more successful than the one ruled by despair. You can blame the «Seven Pounds» and even in some uniqueness. The purpose of this film completely justifies the means. Seven lives of innocent people, including small children - on one scale and one person's life, even if the penitent and suffering - to another. This is justified, no matter how sorry Ben. Another thing - if he was a talented physician or a single father. Or if Emily was not such a perfect little girl, as shown, for example, a former drug addict, heart Posada after receiving intensive illegal drugs. Then the audience would have been faced with difficult moral choice, and Ben's act did not seem to him the best solution. Perhaps the film would not have lost viewers from among the intellectual public. But then, maybe he would not have reached the hearts of so many ordinary viewers.
Will Smith was surprisingly suitable actor for the role of Ben. His peculiar, a little foolishly looks even helped me more than sympathize with the character. Reincarnation Rosario Dawson of bitches Gail ( "Sin City") in the lovely girl Emily is also admirable. But most liked the Woody Harrelson - a man with a big heart and great unseeing eyes. That's just the dark iris it does not go
«Seven Pounds» -! Film, powerful in its emotional impact. Perhaps deep philosophical drama of the redemption of sins should shoot differently. And yet it is much more than just another kinoshka memories after which dries faster than tears on her cheeks. I think it makes too - and this is probably the highest praise for the film. And no matter what genre it is, and whether its main purpose to make as much money at the box office
Every day we tell our loved ones a thousand words, we give hundreds of promises, which, in fact, meaningless -. "I will love forever "," move mountains for you "and the like. Yes, I do not need mountains - just when I really need your support, do something that I felt better. Just stay with me. After all, he did not promise her ...
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