"Seven Pounds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One day I asked: "As the church looks at the organ transplant? whether it considers it acceptable or sinful? "It turned out that Orthodoxy has a point of view on this matter. I quote:
«The Church believes that human organs can not be treated as the purchase and sale of the object. Organ transplant from a living donor can only be based on voluntary self-sacrifice in order to save the life of another person. In this case, the consent to explantation (removal of an organ) becomes a manifestation of love and compassion. However, the potential donor must be fully informed of the possible consequences of organ explantation for his health.
Such donation or will can not be the responsibility of the person. If the will of the potential donor is unknown to doctors, they have to find out the will of the dying or deceased person, if necessary, contacting his relatives. The so-called presumption of consent of the potential donor to the removal of organs and tissues of the body, fixed in the legislation of some countries, the Church considers unacceptable violation of human freedom. »
So basically Church all permit, but with some restrictions, but then they seemed a bit strange. So why, I thought, to learn the will of the corpse? He in fact does not care, and other rescue!
In our country, the presumption of consent for organ transplants established by law in 1992. So if someone does not know you and I, and our children a priori agree to withdraw our bodies, unless we prove otherwise. It turns out doctors now sometimes find themselves faced with the choice. Treat human or not to disturb him to die to save the life of another, and so even get good money
And now to the very film "Seven Pounds»
Vo. first, the protagonist is at the mercy of terrible pride. He voluntarily took on the functions of God believes that people have the right to judge: who is worthy of life and who is not. But it is up to God, of course, does not hold. If Christ sacrificed himself and ready to save all who turn to him for help and yet, Ben (Tim) says "fairness": "I do not want to help him, if he does not deserve. You could not tell me he's a good person or a bad? »
Is it possible to make a judgment between man just for the gossip of another person? In Hollywood movies like to show without semitones: divide people into good and bad. But we know you, the real life is more complicated. Maybe that old lady moved from the old mind? Maybe she hallucinating? After all, older people sometimes do not recognize own children! Is it possible to rely on the opinion of a single witness? And he knows how this man grew up? In what kind of environment was raised? And how many of his own guilt here that he became that? It is known only to God; ordinary mortal, not knowing all of this, not the right to judge another.
Each of us has some detractors. Remember the one who does not love you, and think, would you like that you have taken out a verdict only on one of his review about you?
There may argue that Ben (Tim) is going to make a priceless gift, and he has the right to choose whom it give. Right. But you can not choose otherwise? Oh yeah, he was rushing "to do good," and he had no time to stand on ceremony! As they say, chop wood, chips fly
. «Lackluster - it's something that I just aspire." Well, now all you understand who you are dealing? How he really is remarkable? Just the tip of modesty! Or hypocrisy?
Second, it is quite brazenly climbs into someone else's life and begins to put things in order there, although people clearly do not want such intervention and actively resist. Type, and can suffer, since you are going to welcome the king's coat with the shoulder (a villa on the coast).
He believes he has a right to be angry and humiliated blind, if he is going to make him such a great gift. Oh yeah, and it is "justifiable" reason - he needs to know if he is a man good. But people are not divided into black and white! Apart from the extremes there are billions of shades of gray, I'm not talking about the color spectrum!
No matter how you going to do much good for the person, it does not give you the moral right to humiliate him. Do you want to bestow - bestow, but how does Ben, after their disgusting inspections, it is not a gift turns out, and only charge for the virtues (and humiliation)
wonder why he girl in the same way is not checked.? From what he has decided that it has a high moral character? From the fact that she is a young, beautiful love him? But she has not made any highly moral act of the whole movie! She just smiled sweetly plaintive sigh, and in every way to show his benevolence to the protagonist. What if she Sinister
quote from the manual:?
«morally unacceptable explantation, directly threatening the life of the donor. The most common is the practice of harvesting organs from the newly deceased people. In such cases, it should be excluded uncertainty in determining the time of death. Unacceptable reduction in the life of one person, including through the refusal of life-supporting treatment, in order to prolong the life of another. »
But the hero of the film, suggesting to us that accomplished the feat of love, in fact, committed a mortal sin. He's here illegally took over the functions of the Creator: he himself condemned, himself sentenced to death
filmmakers cleverly exploited a phrase from the Gospel, "No greater love than this, if someone lay down his life for his friends.". And it is very hard to argue, especially against the background suddenly flared love of the protagonist to the sick girl. Yes, at first he wanted to do this from the fact that it became unbearable his life, he could not bear the pangs of conscience, and it is a sin (God is patient, and we are told). But in the end because he fell in love, then he did it out of love, that is, He laid down his life for his friends! Indeed, the devil's trick!
you notice how many recently appeared lacrimal Hollywood films about how beautiful transplantation? '21 grams', 'Come back to me', etc. Which is a massive attack on our minds! How much money is vbuhivayut! Apparently some rich people need it. Nothing personal, just business
last quote from the handbook:?
«Unfair propaganda donation and commercialization of transplanting create prerequisites for the trade parts of the human body, threatening the lives and health of people. »
and unfortunately, that there are already a lot of horrible examples.

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