"Seven Pounds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The lion's share of the film was shot in America. Most iconic and iconic films made in America. Hollywood has long been a brand, a symbol of kinoproma. That is the only American films made in the early days of cinema, and in the postwar years, very different from the modern creations of American filmmakers. The era of romanticism and idealism long gone. movies are becoming more similar and faceless every year. And now, Hollywood has not smithy of talented artists, not art factory, a large corporation, a machine for big money and earn money crowd entertainment. By the way about the crowd: bright individuals is always less than the faceless 'sheep'. But today the tendency is that the person is rapidly disappearing, the herd instinct has long possessed all. Why? Culture - an indicator of morality of the nation as a whole, and human beings in particular. And do blockbusters, pop music and other bulk trash able to develop human?
What is the relationship between the above written and the film 'Seven Pounds'? This film is an ordinary melodrama without deeper meaning with a bunch of stamps, attempt to squeeze out a tear viewer get some prestigious prize or award. This mimicry by art-house or mainstream art! Normal, ordinary pop Kornova film that utterly imbued with philosophy and morality. And the moral is so superficial and banal, that it exists only for the blind and the audience thought. A spectator watching this movie will think: 'I see not only the comedy and action, but also so smart movies'. Normal self-deception
first thing that comes to mind after watching -. It is drawing parallels with the film '21 grams'. And the advantage is entirely on the side of the Mexican-American drama. However, I am not surprised by the fact that in the top250 Seven Pounds is above 21 grams. 'Seven Pounds' - movie banal and easily perceived. There are no pitfalls, reappraisal, contradictory, multifaceted. Here, all is chewed and served the audience on a saucer with blue border. After the end credits the audience overwhelmed by a wave of optimism and enthusiasm, it will want to do something heroic, to change the world ?! Quite possible. But all this noble impulse will run out in the near future, ie. In the film does not open new horizons for the human soul. Here everything is clear - Negro altruist - a darling and good-natured, all filled with bright thoughts. This hero must empathize, sympathize. We need to share his beliefs. And 'the crowd' swallows!
What 'Seven Pounds'? It psevdointellekutalnaya drama intoxicating heads of the audience. Units of speaking out against the film, immediately ogrebayut outrage. How? It's sentimental! Touching! Exciting! And other marasmic cries, accompanied by the crunch of popcorn.
dec think I everything on the shelves. And I'll start with the acting. Frankly speaking, but nothing worse than sickening and game Will Smith I have not seen! Most irritated his grimaces and antics. Does not anyone he did not explain on the set, that sadness, remorse, are portrayed not as the inner feelings way ??? The whole movie Will Smith carefully twisted his mouth, sighed, snot nose, eyes in tears. But I've never felt, did not believe in his suffering and emotional split. On the contrary, on his face, I would sblevat. I'm just amazed wildly to the fact that Smith has not received 'Razzie'. Although then came to the conclusion that in the conditions of total political correctness, any award okromya 'Globe' and 'Oscar' for blacks would constitute discrimination and denial of their rights.
script. This is certainly another major drawback. 95% of airtime given to only the main character. The images of other characters are not disclosed at all! The other characters are given for 2-3 episodes in which they say banal phrases and commit no less banal things. Of all the heroes of the sympathy aroused a blind man, who brilliantly played by Woody Harelson. Straightforwardness still straight and emanate from the plot. And this despite the constant time jumps, hallucinations, and so on. The film has a lot of slack in the scenario, a large number of defects, flaws. A lot of story lines are cut off and remain unsaid. All the attention is completely focused on the main character and his beloved.
Here we are 'gradually' come to the third (and most important) deficiency. Namely morality. First, where is she? Can morality lies in the fact, to give all the organs in need? movie fans say: 'dig deeper'. OK! So maybe morality lies in the fact that the redemption of guilt and remorse, guilt and remorse are embodied in the form of self-sacrifice, altruism? Fans of the film: 'half of the words do not understand, to dig further. " OK! So maybe the moral of the film is that it is necessary to sow kindness and love? But these thousands of movies! Fans of the film: 'Dig!'. OK! I continue to dig in the conglomeration of pathos, falsehood, secondary, indifference and Oh my God! find the tomb on which is written: 'Drama talent of Will Smith'! Here I completely despair to find the meaning and promise of filmmakers and post the film in the trash.
Second. The crowd can not be wrong, and a crowd of discerning moviegoers even more. Hence morality is simply bad, I was looking for? Believe in it, I refuse on the grounds of self-love and narcissism, but because I prefer to believe that morality is not initially. The authors are trying hard to squeeze out a tear cynical spectator, completely forgetting that emotions arise spontaneously and do not obey the laws of logic. Therefore, showing the death of the good Negro, the authors have not coped with the task. And suddenly racists watched the movie? Sooo stale or people?
Third. No matter was moral or not to be. Moral philosophy and multifaceted or banal and simple. Her submission and prepodnosenie plays an important role. It also successfully managed to present due to the weak script, mediocre Smith and moral hypocrisy. After the end of the movie I sigh of relief, not a storm of delight and I have not visited questions about the meaning of life. And here is a question for the meaning of existence of this film in the top250 for me is still open!
And finally. This film I scolded quite strongly. It is likely that I have offended many fans. But why? After all, just I do not like it, then just keep silent and do not go. That's just the film is clearly overrated. The film is clearly exacerbating an already dire state of mind in individuals. Film critic desperately need! As much as possible and constructive.
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