Seven kinkicious movies that are better than those shady movies Essay

Maybe more than a few of you that are reading this little blog posting have seen 50 Shades but did you know that BDSM has been featured in other movies? None of these films came after ‘The Shades’ and not all are recent. So if you are looking to get a BDSM fix during your next night spent bingeing on movies, why not give these movies a look. I’m confident you will be glad you did!



Although it is older",from the 60′s, this film has the fun mix of a husband who neglects his young wife, her needs and adds in a brothel, a gangster and D/s for a very intriguing and arousing plot!



Leave it to the French to do a sexciting BDSM film. Now there is a scene that will cause the men who watch this to cringe cover their ‘stuff and I’m sure the next time they see a nail they will feel a twinge of pain but It is an interesting film told from a Pro Domme’s viewpoint.


9 ½ WEEKS (1986)

Even though this is from the 1980′s, it is still a very hot and sensual movie. If you enjoy public sex and self pleasures while at work, you might just find this film very much up your alley!



You can not go wrong with this thriller with Michael Douglas and a smoking hot Sharon Stone coupled with the epic scene that shows Ms. Stone does not like to wear panties. Just make sure you don’t have an ice pick if she comes over to visit!



1992 was a good year for BDSM films. Not only was there Basic Instinct but also this film. So what do Bridget Jones, a hooker and BDSM all have in common? Yes, you are correct, if you answered Hugh Grant. As this movie rolls along, it takes an interesting “cruise” through kink.



I have enjoyed the characters that James Spader has brought to life in the movies since the 80′s and I think E. Edward Grey (no relation to the 50 Shades character) is one of my favorites. This is a must see movie!



This round of the kinky movie quiz question is: What do Pirates of the Caribbean, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and BDSM all share in common? Okay I know Johny Depp is probably your go to answer but queue the wrong answer buzzer. The correct answer is Keira Knightley. So yes this one is just a bit HOT! (In my opinion). Anyway, who knew that psychology could be so kinky and erotic?

Please keep these movies in mind next time there you are in the mood for a kink friendly movie marathon.

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