Service Essay

The course was engaging and easy to follow - I would call it an “opening” into a world of a customer support representative. As for me, there was not a lot of new information, though I revised the fundamentals.

For a client and for a support representative the process of setting expectations is highly important. If we think of good customer support service, normally the next words are to come up in our head: knowledgeable, satisfied, happy, polite, helpful, friendly, heard. In most cases not only the solution is important, but a chance to be heard, to share hopes and fears, and just have some support. Those words are to be applied not only to the client’s expectations but as well to ours as a company’s representative.

The other thing, I have never thought of it in this way, is that a customer support representative is the best marketing for the company, that is why it is our job to find a solution for a problem and listen, so customer felt heard. For us, there are 3 ways we can go when helping out: solve the problem, research the question or escalate (if we are not sure what to do).

One of the rules to keep in mind is “not to promise unless you know”!

Any support representative is to remember that when working with a client you are not to think of the client as if it were you: your task is to predict how they would like to be treated and how they want the issue to be solved, so provide them with quality service.

I have learned that body language matters, even if it is on the call - clients can hear body language even through the phone, so it is vital to look good and feel good.

Within my work, I do and will follow the recommendations provided in the course such as:

Listen as an introvert and act like an extravert.

Try not to argue but be an expert.

When nothing left - mute and listen!

It is never too late to ask for help, even if it is Dr.Google.

Take notes, as if not written it doesn’t exist (and in this case, we are to use information not to cover over back, but to help others to follow you).

Leave work at work!

I would definitely recommend this course to others at, as I have said before - it gives us basic information and rules to keep in mind as a customer support representative. As well as if knowing that you are the best marketing tool and company depends on you may make anyone feel proud of their job.

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