Service Management At Noorani Events Essay


Describe about service management at Noorani Events?


1. Introduction:

Noorani Events is an Event management and venue d?cor company. It specializes in managing big events and decorating if a venue is given. They focus mainly on Indian, Pakistani and sometimes-other Asian wedding functions. They also manage other events like birthdays and parties. The company first started in the year 2009 and it proudly claims about the number of satisfied customers it has. Their services include Asian weddings, floral decoration at parties, decoration of tables and chairs at the venue and coordination and management of the events. They have a very well coordinated network of partners and suppliers who work together in all the events and on every minute detail. The main aim of the organization is to attain total customer satisfaction. Ideally, Customer satisfaction has to be the focus of every event management company, because they are selling their services. What makes Noorani events different from other event managing companies is that Noorani events bring on the homely festive feeling for all the Asians living there. The decoration that they do is a symbol of the culture of Asia. That feeling of homeliness that they bring is their unique selling proposition. However, the company is new and the company can do to market its services.

2. Findings:

2.1 Nature of the service provided:

The company is deals with management of events and decoration of venues for occasions and parties. The organization is totally a service management company and gives its first priority to customer satisfaction. The services provided mainly focuses on bringing a homely experience to its Asian customers. Amongst Asians Indians and Pakistanis residing in London are its main customers. The company aims to bring an ambience that would remind Asians their home far away from home. The decoration tools that they use are also very Asian

2.2 Service Design:

Service design is the action of planning and organizing people, transportation, communication and other elements included in a service to develop its quality and the communication between service provider and customers. The service design at Noorani events is done to meet the needs of the customers and to provide an Excellency to gain their trust and satisfaction.

The company operates with many other service providers who assist them in making the events successful. The company is associated with many suppliers and vendors who provide materials and services to the company. Noorani Events assembles these services with its own manpower and makes the functions a grand success. The other vendors who work with Noorani Events include Flower vendors for decorations, caterers, music bands to entertain the guests, tables and

other furniture providers etc. This services are provided with great care and keeping in mind the preferences of the customers (Xiong, 2012).

Service Quality: Noorani Events has a good number of customer satisfaction feedbacks on its website. The level of satisfaction it has been able to bring to its customers is commendable. Noorani Events focuses on the satisfaction of its employees and sends back happy faces. The homely ambience to the Asians in London have helped them to expand the business to a great extend. The innovation and creativity in their management and decorations are very creative (Wrathall and Gee, 2011).

2.3 Customer Satisfaction:

As mentioned earlier, the service quality of the company is commendable the level of customer satisfaction can be seen with its raising number of contracts. The number of contract are increasing with the number of contracts that the company is getting clearly specifies its customer satisfaction. The oxford-united club of London recently conducted their event at Noorani Events and they were mesmerizingly amazed with the services that the team provided. The management of the Oxford football team has signed Noorani Events for its future events and functions. Noorani Events understand the importance of wedding in a person`s life, they try to make the weddings like a dream to the bride and the groom (Van der Wagen and White, 2010).

3. Positive aspects of the organization:

The organization has many positive aspects, since its incorporation in 2009, the organization has made very good name in the market. The company has been able to assimilate lot number of vendors, partners and suppliers. They assist the company in executing the services. The best thing about the company is its own style to execute the functions. The functions remind the Asians their homeland and for Asians it is only Noorani where they prefer to celebrate their functions (Van der Wagen, 2007).

4. Issues that the company is facing:

1. Booking: There are issues related to booking. Since the company is so much engaged with functions one after the other, it has become difficult for the organization to take order and maintain dates. Booking issues are generally seen amongst all the event management companies. This can be prevented only if the organization expands and the increases the number of employees and suppliers. The business would definitely grow and broaden the scope to develop leading to profit maximization (Sigala, 2008).
2. Other services: The other services include the suppliers, the vendors, caterers, entertainers etc. the organization actually takes into account these services provided by others and then assembles it into a total service. There may be many faults within these services and the customer may get unsatisfied. The satisfaction of the customer lies on the whole function. It is necessary for the organization to check all the arrangement many times before the actual function. In the delivery of service there cannot be anything left unseen or unchecked. The managers are responsible for the well function of the (Lu, 2011).
3. Decoration: People with many preferences gather at same functions. All the people have varying preferences. If the decoration does not comply with the likes of the guest it can create a great embarrassment for the host. (Kandampully, 2012)
The managers of the event should be well acquainted to the latest trends of decor and parties. The arrangement of very beautiful decorations adds more colours to the functions.
4. Limited Focus: The Company is right now focussing only on Asian clients settled in London for weddings, functions and parties. It is suggested that they can include other types of wedding ceremonies too. The Company can expand its business by involving in other types of functions too.
5. Systems: There are various types of systems that are needed during functions like microphones, music systems, sound box, LCD TV; Video Recording etc. these systems have to be very sound before they are used in a party. If these systems stop working at the time of function or some technical fault arises, the functions would be ruined like sour in place of sugar.
6. Entertainment: The arrangement of entertainment parties in such functions is mandatory. Marriages without music and entertainment are unimaginable. The arrangement of entertaining parties can only be arranged by musicians/ DJ`s from outside.
7. Extra rooms: The services lag behind when during Indians and Pakistani weddings the guests for various other works need extra rooms (Haksever and Render, n.d.).
The managers have to keep in mind the needs and demands of the clients. Noorani Events has come up to a huge rank and there are very little scope for such mistakes.
8. Sufficient area: The function should always have some space so that the guests can always to move easily. If the place is overcrowded with chairs and tables, the guests will not be able to enjoy.
9. Good ambience: Noorani Events are known for the creation of best ambiences in the parties. The company maintains such a beautiful ambience of Indian and Pakistani weddings that it just sets the mood correctly. The customers are very happy with the services. But with some of the feedback from the customers it can be seen that there are few customers who felt that Noorani Events could not live up to their expectations (Getz, 2012).

5. Recommendation:

1) Promotion of the event:

The events of the company and its functions can be promoted more via social networks. Greetings and wishes via mails will help building the customer relationships. The relationships can be made more stronger if the company build its customer relationship management chain. Consider posters, local newspaper advertisements, flyers, and other Medias can be used to market the company through local partners.

2) Simple Registration:

The registration of the event can be made simpler. The whole issue of registration can be solved and the purpose can be made easy for better service to the customers. The customers seek simplicity and the managers in services should always try to avoid complexities of paper work and miscommunication.

3) Increasing the number of attendants:

In every function to attend the guests and take care of their needs the company should appoint number of attendants. This would help the guests in getting better services and it will increase the value of the effort employed. If the functions are arranged very beautifully but the guests are not directed towards the services, all the hard work behind the arrangements would go waste. Proper attention is what the guests want, if the guests get proper attention, proper food, proper ambience then a function is bound to be successful.

4) Rely on mobile tools for onsite tasks

The company can build on apps and promote its new events with these apps. The app will promote new events to its clients and promote their new styles, creativities in services and d?cor. These clients would in turn help to spread the word of the organization.

5) Maintain relationship with your guests

Event management system can be used to send automated, personalized thank you notes. The company can continue relationships with its customers by sharing picture/video through social networks. This will certainly help them in keeping the people excited and engaged for the next future events. The relationship with the guests will be very beneficial for the company.

6) Extra services:

The company can emphasize on giving extra services to its customers. These extra services may include extra care and attention with every service provided.

7) Family atmosphere: As discussed earlier the Noorani Events are very expert in creating a family environment for its guests. The guests are always very pleased with their services and the basic concept of hospitality lies in the Service of the guests. In service management there is no customer, everybody is a guest. The managers have to believe in the concept and try to enhance their hospitality as much as they can.

8) Rehearsals: The best way to ensure the arrangements in every function is to conduct rehearsals before every function. The arrangements like sound systems, microphones, musicians etc can be rehearsed much before the function and it can be ensured that everything is working accordingly.

9) Feedbacks: Feedbacks are an important part of Service management. Feedbacks helps the organizers and managers know their loopholes in the services. Noorani Events does not have a very deep concern for taking feed backs, but this is an essential part. Feedbacks can be taken on the services provided by the suppliers, vendors, decorators, caterers etc.

These services can be improvised, checked and the services can be made better. Feedbacks are the only way to improvise the services.

6. Conclusion:

Event management is totally a service organization. The motto of every service organization is to serve its guests with proper care and attention. The growth of such organizations depend only the quality of the services provided by the organization. In service industry the value of creativity and innovation is very high. Managers in the service organization have to be committed and patient. The flaw in the services is not tolerated. If a question arises on the services of an organization, the market value of the organization declines. It is very necessary to maintain the

same level of services with more creativity and devotions to make the guests happy. Service management has only one motto “Gain more guests, by serving present guests”.


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