Separation And Discrimination During The Civil War Essay

Southerners before and during the Civil War period separated themselves from the North when it comes to politics, sociology and religion, with oppression of slaves expanding these refinements. This Southern character, not just for slaveholders, was complied with prejudice and stubborn protection from the Federal Government that reverberated solidly in spite of all that it lives on today. Southern Identity is delusional but if you believe in something hard enough, you can make yourself believe it is true. The foundation of a particular Christian identity was an essential source of authenticity for the Confederacy. Southerners constantly depicted themselves as more devout than their Northern partners, however the war expedited another character to Southern religious practice and attitude.

Confederate ministers accommodated the tranquil lessons of Christianity with the monstrous brutality of war by summoning the old Just War hypothesis, which holds that while war is unfortunate, it is fundamental under certain ethical conditions. The Confederates praised an account in which Southerners were serene Christians compelled to brutally repel the Union trespassers. When a group of people have a focused goal and drive they feel empowered, especially when believing in divinity being on your side. Confederates confided in idea that they were genuine beneficiaries of the progressive inheritance of the United States due to their nationist ability to oppose a over bearing commanding force just like the founding fathers did. Black Republicanism was a debasement of the framework that the Founding Fathers had built up.

Southerners accurately reviewed that the greater part of the Founding Fathers were slaveholders and intentionally avoided blacks from consideration of opportunity in the formation of the Constitution. So along with religious identity, they had egotistical racist idealistic identities. The Confederate Flag is a symbol of pride to some but it’s real symbolic essence is a history of people who refused to give up their bigotry entitlement to owning slaves. Freedom of expression is important, but this young boy carrying this flag doesn’t understand the incitement of hate behind a group of people within that flag. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights clearly states that people have freedom from discrimination, torture, and slavery. The Confederacy’s true identity was opposed to all this and more. This was a time with two societies, the North believed in two races and the South believed in one race. The saddest thing is, times will always change and men regularly change with them. However principles never do. These, like truths, are everlasting, and unchangeable.

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