Senzi’S Creation Of The World Essay

Long ago when humans did not exist, there was no earth or sky and there was no life. All the elements were around a vortex which contained a mysterious egg. Everything at this point remained silent. After two billion years, the egg slowly broke off, and hatched a young man named Senzi. The vortex then vanished and all the elements began to go all around the place. Senzi noticed that all the elements were messed up. Senzi wants to create a place with life.

Using his strength, he knows that the sky is lighter so he tried to lift the sky up. He also wants to separate earth and sky and not let them get mixed up. This process is extremely hard because the land and sky keeps trying to mix. After twenty thousand years of hard work, the earth and sky were finally separated and Senzi was very tired that he cannot move. After resting, however, he was able to walk again. In the meantime when Senzi explores around the earth, devils from hell heard that there was a new world. The devils were so jealous about Senzi’s hard work. They came to Senzi’s world and wanted to fight him. In the battle, Senzi cannot find certain weapons to battle the devils. As a result, Senzi lost the fight and was killed. Gods and goddesses from heaven saw this happening and they were very angry about how the devils killed Senzi. As the devils conquered the earth, gods and goddesses invaded the devils and scared them away. The gods and goddesses were lamenting Senzi’s death. Some goddesses decided to stay on earth for a long time to praise Senzi’s hard work. However, the gods decided to go back to heaven. After one billion year, Senzi’s blood turned from red to blue after being exposed to sunlight. The blue blood suddenly began to produce more of itself, and it filled some of the valleys on land. This created oceans and when water flows through tiny cracks on land, it creates rivers. Some of the nutrients from Senzi’s body get absorbed by the soil on land. Senzi’s body also contained microorganisms which also get absorbed by the soil after he died. As a result, the microorganisms absorbed the nutrients in the soil and grow into plants. Goddesses were impressed by this process. Air is now forming and the world is eligible for humans to exist.

Senzi’s bones became gravel and rock on earth. One of the goddesses, Tuka, wanted to create something nice to show to the other goddesses. Tuka has a face of a human and a body of a cheetah Tuka stands on four legs just like the other goddesses. Tuka decided to try to create a face similar to herself. She used stone for bones and soil for the skin. Then, she decided to create the body. The body, she thought, should be the same as her body. However, when she created it, the body looked different and did not looked beautiful. It did not look nice since the body stands on two legs and not four. She then, without hope, decided to put the face on the body and showed it to the other goddesses. The other goddesses were not impressed and did not like Tuka’s figure until the figure suddenly moved, which made the other goddesses and Tuka surprised. The figure introduced itself and the other goddesses introduced back to the figure. Since the figure moved and it was created by Tuka, the goddesses were so proud and grateful of her creation. The goddesses were curious of how did she make such an amazing figure. Tuka did not know how did this happen. She had no idea too but she thinks it has to do something with magic. From that, the first humans walked on earth. What are some common elements of Creation Myths or stories? Why do you think they share commonalities?

Some common elements of creation myths include the hard work the creators use and how does each creator make life on earth possible. This usually shares commonalities because it is the structure in creating the belief of how humans exist today. Each creator’s work is unique and shows an important process in creating the earth. The world does not belong to the humans, but humans belong to the world.

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