All pupils majoring in Global Studies has to take either Senior Seminar (INTL 32100) or register to create a Senior Essay (INTL 32200).***

Senior Seminar (INTL 32100)

Senior Seminar is an everyday course by which both you and your classmates will undertake a semester-long scientific study organized and directed by your trainer. The class is a capstone experience for Global Studies majors and gives you the chance to draw on all of your university learning--theory, techniques, local and topical courses, along with other experiences particularly study abroad or internships.

To register for Senior Seminar, you have to be provided permission on CUNYfirst by emailing Dr. Muir ( along with your EMPLID.

Senior Essay (INTL 32200)

Senior Essay (categorised as Senior Thesis) is structed as an unbiased study course by which you design and execute a semester-long research project on an interest matter of the choosing. The task culminates in an essay, often 35-50 pages in total.

To register for Senior Essay, you must first find a faculty user here at CCNY who's has expertise within plumped for subject material and whom agrees to act as your mentor. Once you've guaranteed a faculty mentor, the two of you should decide together how you will frame pursuit project, the methods appropriate to doing that research, a schedule of tasks for the semester, as well as the tips for the final essay. Afterward you submit that information (inside format below) to Dr. Muir ( If Dr. Muir approves your plan, then you definitely plus mentor will sign a unique form which is submitted, combined with the plan, towards the Registrar.

The program for your senior essay should be in the following structure, keyed in Microsoft term and emailed to Dr. Muir (


1. Semester and 12 months:

2. Professor’s name:

3. Student’s name and contact information (range from the email and phone number you most earnestly use):

4. Title of course/study:

5. Directory of topics to be covered:

6. Reading list and reading assignments for every single meeting:

7. Detail by detail schedule of in-person conferences:

8. Product(s) obviously (homework projects, papers, etc.):

9. Grading technique:

*** pupils must complete the requirements which were in position when they first declared their major. If you declared your major in International Studies sooner than around 2014, you may have to take Senior Seminar and compose a Senior Essay. If you are in question, email Dr. Muir your EMPLID.

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