The Senior Essay (or “BA Essay”) is amongst the needs for pupils admitted toward Intensive significant. Standard majors and Philosophy and Allied Fields majors might also affect write an essay. Observe that all majors is going to be needed to meet with the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies at the conclusion of these 3rd year to review their system of research and discuss the chance of composing the senior essay.

Students writing a BA essay may have the direction of two departmental faculty: the Director of Undergraduate Studies (who generally leads the Senior Seminar) as well as the main faculty advisor toward task. Students may compose their senior essay on any subject in philosophy they choose, provided they are able to secure the agreement of a departmental faculty user to supervise their work. In recent years, topics have included omniscience and free will, the phrase of feeling in music, Aristotle's ethics, the nature of coercion, Wittgenstein's legacy, the idea of authenticity, the philosophy of Michel Foucault, the role of context in shaping linguistic meaning, Kierkegaard on irony, and dualism towards mental. The BA essay must be between 15 and 25 pages very long.

The Senior Seminar functions as a forum in which BA essay writers gather for presentation and mutual criticism of the work with progress. The course, beneath the guidance associated with Director of Undergraduate Studies (or often another faculty member) and graduate student preceptors, meets the whole scholastic 12 months. Participation in every three quarters is required for several senior essay writers.

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