Self Reflection Report: Pharmacy Store Essay


Write about the Self Reflection Report for Pharmacy Store.


Description of the event

Recently, I was involved in a sale contract in which I purchased prescription medicine for my younger brother at an online store since all the local pharmacies within my locality did not have it in their stock. According to their website, the medication was supposed to be delivered within four hours after an order is made. However, the store made significant delays, and the medicine was delivered on the next day. Due to the holdup, my brother’s condition worsened as we patiently waited for the delivery man to arrive.

Evaluation of the event

By and large, the online pharmacy store entered into a contract with me when I made the purchase, and they accepted to process my order within four hours. As such, there was an implicit agreement between the company and I when I made the offer to pay the specified amount for the drugs (“Elements of a Contract,” n.d.). Willingly, the store accepted my offer and promised to deliver the product in the next four hours. According to the agreement I was required to pay a consideration of $80 upon receiving the product. In this regard, the contract was enforceable by law in the event of breach.


It should be noted that the online pharmacy committed a breach of contract when they failed to deliver the medicine within the agreed time. As a result, I suffered an actual damage as my brother’s condition worsened (“Breach of Contract,” n.d.). Currently he is hospitalized because he could not get the prescribed medication at the right time. It is, therefore, within my rights as a buyer to file a breach of contract complaint against the pharmacy.


All in all, taking everything into consideration, there was an implicit contract between the online pharmacy and I. The agreement involved the delivery of prescription medicine within four hours, for a consideration of $80 dollars. Thus, the delay on the part of the pharmacy constitutes a breach of contract that led to severe damages.


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