Priest O. Bonsu
Professor Jordan William
English 101 – 800
March 19, 2015
Narrative Essay PERSONAL IDENTITY Being an integral part of extracurricular activities has actually impacted my life. Before I joined my senior high school extracurricular activities, I was shy, had low self – esteem and turned far from items that, we thought, were impossible. The “old day character” led the very first three years of my highschool experience. We couldn’t require help or nothing from my coaches, friends, mates and even my instructors in course. Yet, we went to college and soccer training each and every day and went house actually and mentally exhausted. Not merely was we an element of the soccer team; I was also part of a students’ company in high school (ASA – African Students Association), that I hardly got associated with with anything. The purpose of ASA would be to show others our countries as foreign – African – students. We orderly social gathering to share with you experiences together, that we never did.
Around April of 2011, my junior 12 months, approaching the finish of the college year; ASA students had been assigned doing a presentation each due to their nation. The presentation had to cover one thing unique concerning the country. I made a decision to do a presentation about my country, Ghana’s, banner as well as its symbolisms.
The day had come so when my mates did their presentation; I could barely focus on the things I would focus on. My palms therefore hefty and my legs sweating inside my shoes; I went to full cover up outside. As I stood nowadays; my ASA leader, Mrs. Heather Afriyie approached me and provided some me terms of advice. She stated a whole lot but i recall one thing she stated that changed my entire attitude for a second. “See fear is really what you imagine about your self and it will constantly mislead you! Just inhale and you’ll be fine” she said. Mrs. Afriyie then held my arms and took me personally back to the class. As I endured at the class, we asked myself “why fear?” however can keep in mind giving a speech and didn’t even understand just how fluent I could be till that instance. Everyone was in awe when I talked so fluent from indicate point till the finish of my message. “Man that was…

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