Screen time effect on sleep Essay

Mother: What is this? You are always with your phone! Why can’t you just leave it free for a minute? Daughter: Mom I just picked up a few moments ago! Mother: I have been noticing for a few days that you are always glued to its screen! Don’t you have any studying to do? You don’t either lend me any helping hand with the chores! Daughter: Mom, it is not that I am always chatting with my friends. At times I use the internet to find information related to my school work also. Mother: Don’t try to be smart with me. I have always seen you on Facebook and Snapchat even late at night! Who are you chatting with at that time? Daughter: At times I do respond to my friends’ messages. Can’t I do that? (

Sleep is one of the most essential things in a person life besides eating, breathing and being mentally stable. It is said that on average children ages 6-13 must receive about seven to thirteen hours of sleep a night and teenagers ages fourteen to seventeen should receive about eight to ten hours of sleep but what about college students should at eight hours of sleep but rarely receive that much. A major factor that might contribute to the lack of sleep is how much screen time is affecting the amount of sleep and actual rest a person receives from little kids to college students like myself. According to “influences of Screen Media Use Near Bedtime on Daytime Sleepiness and Self-satisfaction among College Students: The Mediating Effect of Valid Sleep Time”by J Yang, Q Yang, Z Mai, X Zhou, N Ma who all worked in the Center for Sleep Research, School of Psychology, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China

a study was done to show how having a device close to bedtime could have consequences on college students the study consisted of 3639 healthy college students participate in the survey. Data was conducted by paper-pen questionnaires. They tested for sleep indices, daytime sleepiness, and self-satisfaction was examined using hierarchical linear regression. Specifically, sleep indices included total sleep time, sleep onset latency, and valid sleep time. In this study they found how screen time affected the college students shorter valid sleep time, leading to worse daytime performance and self-satisfaction evaluation.

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