Science reveals the 6 traits that make a woman much more attractive Essay

Men are programmed to flirt; and everything comes from a sum of instinctive needs that lead to the search for reproduction. And although mammals and cavemen may be fighting to fecundate a female, objectively it must be recognized that every human being has survival instincts as natural as any other species. So for this masculine equation of flirting + sex = a reproduction, there must first be an intention of the man to approach the woman, which is interpreted as "the physical attraction"; This is why science has been given the task of deciphering the patterns that behavior of the alpha male to initiate the beautiful and elementary "rite of courtship" towards us, the female. He knows a whole series of physical and cerebral reactions that a woman in man provokes with these 6 traits that make a woman attractive to man, according to science. 1. Waist and hips of "60 - 90" blond woman with blue swimsuit leaves pool Dr. gender study Midge Willson , Paul University of Chicago, confirms that every time a man looks at a woman is developing something she calls "reproductive skills assessment". That is why regularly of the first features that a man contemplates when looking at a woman are the waist and hips, which are vital issues when it comes to giving birth. That is why when a man observes a woman in stockings "60-90" his unconscious approves him as a "favorable" body type, or in a few words, he will see the woman thinking: "she could have my son". 2. A loud voice smiling brunette woman with microphone in hand Investigations from the University of Londes claim that a high tone of voice in a woman is more likely to be perceived by a man as attractive. A high tone of voice not only represents youth, but also a "small" type of body. Again the unconscious wins and dominates the perception of man before the image of the woman. 3. A long and healthy hair Brunette woman with long hair and shorts German scientists contribute to the research by claiming that a mane of long, healthy hair is also a favorable trait to make a woman attractive. It is also necessary to mention that not one of these "factors" are necessarily vital for a man. 4. Smile blond woman with hands on face smiling Scientists from the University of British Columbia say that another favorable feature for physical attraction from man to woman comes from a beautiful white smile. And almost as if this was not interesting, it turns out that for women this is the opposite, we like much more a serious man when he does not smile ... Interesting. 5. Less makeup woman without makeup with hand on face smiling The Bangor University of the United Kingdom also agrees that less makeup on a woman's face is much more attractive. Something that really does not surprise us, since surely more than once you have heard a man say that he prefers a woman without makeup. Something that matters little to us, we love #makeupart because it has never been a rital with the intention of liking man; however, we must recognize that this particular trait is a bit tender: Point for men! 6. "The woman in the red dress" blond woman in red dress According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology of the American Psychological Association , the color red increases the physical attraction of men to women. And this has an instinctive reason; This study found that the color red has the same effect in animals that are not descendants of primates. It is even sympathetic but also consistent that our whole life pop culture has idealized the woman of the dress as a symbol of passion and even representative of the femme fatale .

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