Science and nutrition Essay

Science and nutrition Keywords: food, genetic, people, health, engineer. Throughout history, getting and providing food was completely different in every certain era. A long time ago, people did not have to worry about nutrition due to the availability of food, whereas, nowadays, it is noticed that these problems began to arise and contribute to serious dilemmas in different countries. As a result, many organizations started to adopt new ways of getting nutrients by conducting various experiments that involved some genetic alterations of food. However, these changes are believed to have serval unhealthy side effects on the body.

Plants and organisms have their own unique code that defines who they are and how they grow, but sometimes it may undergo natural alters resulting in slight and harmless mutations. On the other hand, when the genetic engineers intervene in this complicated process and change the composition of this code, it is possible that huge mistakes could occur unintentionally. Moreover, old selective breeding attempts that were popular in the past were dependent on lucky hits, while genetic engineering is not.

In other words, now we can select every trait and characteristic we need, such as making the fruits grow bigger and more resistant to pests. However, some sources claim that the overconsumption of genetically modified (GM) produces will impact some gastrointestinal organs and the immune system functions. Furthermore, they also are able to leave several mischievous substances in our body that potentially might cause food allergies, reproductive problems, and uncurable health complications.

Although the idea of stopping the production of (GM) products seems to be an appropriate solution, this decision has considerable consequences. The total world population at 1990 is estimated by 5.2 billion people, also at 2020 population experts expect that this number will increase by 73.3% which shows exponential growth, consequently, more consumption of food resources. That is to say that our choice of implementing the genetic modifications would be unavoidable in the future, otherwise, people will start starving, crime rates will increase, countless wars will occur.

Ultimately, the production of (GM) products now is no longer as it was thirty years ago, all plants and crops that are destined to be consumed compulsively undergo several procedures and tests to ensure that they do not possess any health threats. Generally, we should know that scientific advancements and all specialized scientists are not working against health integrity, but the fundamental aim for every step they take is to guarantee our welfare and prosperity.

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