School attendance should be optional Essay

Waking up early and going to school still half asleep is a well-known daily routine for millions of teenagers around the world. We every so often snooze our alarms and try to catch a few more minutes of sleep while debating if it’s even worth it. Other days we could really use some extra time to study for a big test coming up. Giving students the option to choose weather to attend or skip the lesson and not punishing them for it could result in two very different scenarios.

It all depends on maturity of individuals. Some would choose to spend their time wisely and still go to school most of the time. A few classes that they skipped would be compensated with studying the subject at home and their grades would stay the same if not even get better. The other type of students that slack at school even now that is obligatory would most probably fail the classes they didn’t in the past, because having them sit and listen to the lecture made them remember some bits that later on the test resulted in percentages high enough to pass.

But as we all know not many would show up. The majority thinks it a waste of time and that the topics can be revised in a much more efficient (and not so time consuming) way. Optional attendance would also allow students to organize days to their preference and the ones that do sports, play instruments, etc. would be greatly enriched by it.

All subject matter would have to be in text books and/or online classrooms. Otherwise the ones that decided to go to a certain lesson would learn about things that others wouldn’t even hear about. That would create an unfair split between the two which would be unjustified because they weren’t doing anything wrong by not coming to school that day. In this kind of system teacher would only explain the topics and help individuals if they needed help with some explanations.

In my opinion the current system shouldn’t allow students to decide whether they wanted to attend school classes or not. That is simply because we often don’t know that’s good for us and by being forced to going to school we would miss out on this great opportunity to get education and have a successful future. However if the system got renovated and adjusted to possibility that some students would stay at home from school for weeks at a time that could really help teenagers feel more mature and like we had more control over our lives.

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