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It's no joke to say, but for the world-famous director Brian De Palma's crime drama 'Scarface' 1983, issue became the fifteenth in a row (!) In a professional career. He started to put the picture back in 1968 and could not boast of an ideal job, even when working in the genre of erotic provocative thriller (or close to erotic). Skeptics he could outdo only if provided them thriller 'Puncture' (1981) and the horror film based on Stephen King 'Carrie' (1976), but he had no film-business card of this film, which would have immediately made kritikanov silence and inactive shrug. And now came the triumph - in 1983 it was on the screens out the very 'Scarface'. The film, which will be a model of the genre and still it will be, and the main character in it - Cuban Tony Montana - will figure in nominal and even take it as a prototype for the cult video game
First, not everyone believed in the runaway success of the film (although. this still does not say - a picture with a budget of 25 million collected in the world 65, which is not so much on the actual fact). First, Brian De Palma took the picture-shooting remake: in 1932, the year the film was released the same name by Paul Muni in the title role. But good fortune fortune contributed de Palma on the development and adaptation of the story, taken on the basis of the book Armiteydzha Trail, worked himself Oliver Stone. The ex-soldier of the Vietnam War and the addict has received for his work 300 thousand dollars, but even then, no one suspected that the film not only works writer 'Midnight Express' and 'Conan the Barbarian', but also the future genius of cinema. He is completely in his own novel, adapted by being inspired by the events in Miami, where Stone at this time resided. Second, skepticism adds that the main role of the gangster and mafia head was appointed by Al Pacino, the one who became recognized after such a role in the 'Godfather'.
But it is worth to pay tribute to the creators of 'Scarface' who believed in the talent of Al Pacino created while completely different images. Michael Corleone after he starred in beautiful ribbons, which appeared in the foreground. Personally, I remember it the role of a court lawyer in the film 'Justice for All'. You agree that to be the head of a mafia clan and then to withdraw the image of the embattled leader of the law - it is difficult, but Al Pacino copes brilliantly. And the return to the origins of glory, but it is supposedly returning. His Tony Montana in "Scarface" - this is not a criminal-romantic intellectual, Montana - utter moron, addict, murderer. This 'man' allows himself to all, achieving prestige in the society only because of his unbridled temper. He - not only a hardened criminal, but also an absolute psychopath, from which we can expect splash of aggression at any moment. He's dangerous, he is terrible, he is merciless. This character Al Pacino crossed idealization gangsters, becoming suddenly those who are considered the dregs of society and who point the finger children, saying: 'You will not behave yourself, you will become such as Tony Montana!'
And if the character of Al Pacino - is. personality, which can be endlessly analyze and disassemble, but we can confidently say that this role - one of the greatest in the career of the outstanding actor, then add that other artists have shown themselves perfectly. Best friend and teammate Tony played Steven Bauer. He was not so well-known, but in the company of Al Pacino looked just perfect, being at the same time handsome and more or less adequate person. Bauer does not become a big and well-known actor, but his role in 'Scarface', he can boast of law. Michelle Pfeiffer left a memorable experience, since dance with frostbitten Tony Montana. So now it is famous and loved by many, and then in its track record has not been notable roles okromya appearance in the film 'Grease 2', but 'Scarface' she revealed itself in all its glory. Many men think, I clung to the screen when it appears. For Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio 'Scarface' even became a debut and it proved itself perfectly. It remains only to say its character and those who so believes that the bright future ahead if the money was flowing into his hands: 'Listen to my mother!'. And Robert Loggia fit perfectly into the picture, although it is better than his character than Tony Montana? Cautionary role - so I called her
I remember a fragment of the film 'Meet the Fockers', when the unlucky hero Ben Stiller leaves thoracic kid watching 'Scarface', there is shown a time when Tony Montana, distraught after. another murder and drug use, comes fully prepared against an army of assassins. And it was not a scene like in action movies 90s, when another lone hero will carry the enemy's head, it was a landmark stage, an indication to those who believe in the existence of a criminal romanticism. Great work of Al Pacino and other actors, the film is full of blood and drugs, madness and frenzy - it's all there in 'Scarface', one of the best crime films, which says: 'Do not be such as Tony Montana!'
. 10 out of 10

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