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As I had heard about this movie. So many times he cited as an example, saying that this is the best film about the mafia, the most realistic, most epic and such a lot of different. I, as a fan of theme about the mafia showdowns, family, godfathers, just do not understand how this could have to pass all the much-acclaimed film. Accolades was incomparably greater than the negative or neutral. Its just erected up to heaven. And then, finally, I came to this work. I have to say, the film is excellent, especially considering the three hour duration, but because of the many comments I expected him to completely different. Well, let's order.
First of all you should know that the film is not about the mafia. We have the mafia omerta, honor any rules they need to follow through and that punish even the most dedicated individuals for their violation. What is shown in the "Scarface" ordinary trash. And yet. Gang cattle, capable of destroying everything that stands in their way, and they wanted to spit on the rules of honor, or any moral laws. There are so many in all countries, but because the uniqueness is lost. Mafia, shown in the video game of the same name that most closely corresponds to the way things should be. At that time I was just amazed that these thugs have a code, its laws and obey them all. And who does not - you know, what happened to them. So, "Scarface" is not about the mafia. It's about gangster disassembly and about how one of them was trying to work their way up through greed, cruelty and lack of any humanity.
Tony Montana ( Al Pacino ), a Cuban emigre who served in the army and when he returned, he decided to join the ranks of the local gang organization. Because I had been deceived before he started watching, I was surprised that the protagonist was not a positive character just entered a curve track in the style of Tommy the aforementioned "Mafia". No, Tony originally stood scumbag, for whom nothing was sacred, but to climb the corporate ladder, taking down every obstacle in its path. And the farther he went, the more he became reckless. Naturally, in such a way he could not have any rules, honor, and it is simply impossible to imagine that he followed the omerta. But here's a character I even liked it. It was not a man with compassion for others, it was cold as ice and tough as flint. Just a cliché gap. I really was wondering whether he is able to stop even in front of something or to do nothing more than matter, but to become a great boss and kill competitors?
not departing from the subject, as soon as I note a great actor's game Al Pacino . Do you know whether the movie is a bad script or direction (and also had no problem with it), it would be all the same I pulled the whole movie in the ability to generate realistic emotions and make your character exactly the man whom the creators and wanted to see. His shrewd evil eye, constant rage, unpredictability, inability to fulfill anyone's orders, rigidity and unapproachable character remembered for a long time to me. The actor managed to create a great gangster image and show the whole of modern media culture, that it should be so reckless, but at the same time is not a typical gangster rattle. To him I did not have compassion, as most of the major characters. He led a disgusting way of life, and only once have I had a hope that more of it can get something more or less humane. Of both nasty and memorable villains there is one. And I am glad to say that Tony Montana replenish their ranks. It is worth remembering that he Al Pacino held this role the best in his career, and that's saying a lot.
Script Oliver Stone does not cause any sort of claims. It looked very rovnenko, without any drawdowns, developed exactly as slowly as needed. Dialogues have been with a sense, almost everyone about something said. We were shown the whole history of becoming Tony, perhaps to miss the point of his service in the army. Maybe it's the only thing that should lighten up a little stronger, but otherwise everything is very cool and interesting. Scenario certainly a dozen and there can be no question at all.
Equally gorgeous Direction Brian De Palma . Filmed in stunning gloomy, tense style, which does not allow to relax for a second. Even when nothing happened, everything seemed to expect something to happen now. This is not one of those movies, which you can turn off and head about anything not to think. As De Palma could nominate for the "Golden Raspberry" I just do not understand. At the time of the 83rd of the year to remove such an extremely high-quality three-hour movie, I personally think it was something from the category of miracles. He coped well on the top ten. Lord, even now, in the 2017th year, "Scarface" indicates a level to which many haypanutym supposedly gloomy and atmospheric projects about a confrontation between two superheroes, yet to grow and grow. Apparently, at the time the film is not judged on its merits. Despite this, over the years, he absolutely deserved nevertheless received numerous accolades and all those who somehow participated in the creation of this project, should be proud of them.
I have twice mentioned that the film goes for three hours. At the same time he looks at one go, it is impossible to ignore for a minute. Typically, three-hour movies, or even drive in a dream ( "Watchmen» Zack Snyder ), or seem to be tightened and from losing its charm, which could be walking it, let's say, a couple of hours ( "King Kong » Peter Jackson ). Here, on the contrary, it would be a crime to cut it at least half an hour. Like a line of extinct - so everything perfectly and accurately. With that, let me remind the movie 83rd (!) Year.
On this I finish. "Scarface" - a gorgeous representative of the old, classic movies that can break into pieces, most modern representatives of the genre, and certainly went down in history as a great dramatic serious gangster movie, without unnecessary embellishment and snot. This film is to look out for all those who somehow interested in the theme of mafia crime syndicates and shootouts. And even those who are at all similar in parallel - you anyway almost certainly will appeal to difficult history of Tony Montana, a man who wanted too much and as a result has lost himself. Very exciting, a truly unique creation that will be remembered for many more decades.
10 of 10

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